Pros and Cons of Yoga

Pros and Cons of Yoga

Yoga is one such art that has uncounted benefits but has minimal consequences. Yoga is a workout for the whole mind and body.

Does yoga tone your body?

Yoga includes innumerous postures we refer to as asanas, that not only help us keep your body fit and healthy, but also relax your mind. If you are a beginner or planning to start practicing yoga, it is advised to start it under the guidance of an expert or an eminent trainer. Yoga as an art is so uncomplicated that a few sessions are enough for you to learn the dos and don’ts of yoga.

Let’s take a look at the major advantages of yoga, on our mind and body, and also a few disadvantages of yoga that are least likely to occur, but can be fully avoided if practiced properly.

Advantages of Yoga:

  • It is natural and an easy way to lose weight

Yoga is globally recognized as one of the best ways of losing weight naturally. Yoga has several postures that are specifically known for dealing with the body fat and other problems that could lead to obesity in human body. Postures in yoga are so clearly defined that it should not take a practitioner more than a week or two to learn the right technique of practicing those asanas.

  • Natural therapy to cure various diseases

Yoga is the most efficient and effective way of curing various diseases like Asthma, Thyroid, Diabetes, Hypertension, Indigestion, Migraine, Lower back pain, Arthritis, Liver problems, Depression, Poly cystic ovaries and several other. Yoga is even used to fight cardiac problems, and it also keeps your heart healthy. Daily practice of ‘Surya namaskar’ or Sun salutation works as a cardiovascular workout which improves blood circulation in body and also drains out the extra amount of fat stored in body. Many people are connecting with yoga to fight these problems and many people have already transformed their lives completely using the art of Yoga.

  • Yoga is a work out for both mind and the body

Yoga not only keeps your physical body fit, but it also relaxes your mind, keeps it calm and stress free. Many entrepreneurs and CEOs of big corporates practice meditation to keep their mind calm and focused. Meditation also keeps you energy level elevated throughout the day and helps you generate new ideas and thoughts, which ultimately enhances your creativity. Yoga is the best way to fight depression, or u can say that it is the best way to keep depression away. Daily yoga exercise helps build better stamina and brings great flexibility in body.

  • Less time consuming

Another advantage of yoga is that it demands lesser time than any other workout. As per the experts, 20-30 minutes of daily yoga practice is sufficient to keep your body healthy and in great shape.

  • Yoga detoxifies your body

Detoxify means to remove the toxic substances from the body. Now just to give you a brief about toxic substances, these are the chemicals that might be harmful to your health. So, you must be thinking how you get these toxic substances into your body. Well, it all depends upon what you eat and drink. So, if you have been drinking too much coffee to keep you going during work or have you been eating too much bread or junk food or even carbonated drinks, you need to detoxify your body the very first moment you get an opportunity to do so. So, now the question is how to detoxify your body. First thing that you have to do is, stop consuming all the things mentioned above to prevent more toxic substance from building inside your body. Then, the daily yoga practice is what you need to drain out the toxins stored in your body. Yoga postures emphasize on each and every part of your body resulting in unloading the waste products from your body; such as lymphatic fluid, carbon dioxide and lactic acid. So, when you perform various yoga postures your breathing process also get affected, which ultimately results in cleansing of carbon dioxide from your lungs. Also when your body sweats while practicing yoga, it drains out the toxic substances along with the sweat.

  • Does not require complicated stuff or dedicated gear

To practice yoga all you need is an open space wide enough to spread and move your arms and legs comfortably, a mat and clothes that are comfortable and may not cause any stiffness while practicing a particular posture and that is it. Another best part about yoga is, that it can be practiced anywhere and does not require you to buy dedicated gear or clothes. Yoga can even be performed in a balcony or a terrace or a park. So unlike gym, you don’t really have to seek for a studio specifically to practice yoga .In another words, yoga is the least expensive and least demanding workout.

So, those were some of the highlighted benefits of yoga. Though, there are numerous benefits of yoga which cannot be described in such a short span of time.

Yoga is an art form which requires a lot of dedication and discipline. Now, let’s take a look at some of the possible consequences, if yoga is not practiced with dedication and with set rules and regulations.

Cons of yoga

  • Studios might charge high for training

Well, there are several studios that provide full time yoga training to beginners, elderly people, and housewives and to other working and non-working individuals. They charge pretty high amount to train you because, not only they teach you how to practice various postures but they will also tell you the benefits of each and every posture, the right way to perform it and for how many times or for how long to perform a particular posture. They might also suggest you a proper diet plan to carry along your daily yoga practice. And that is why they charge high for their dedicated infrastructure and their proper guidance and support.

  • If practiced inappropriately can cause cramps in muscles

This point is actually valid for any kind of workout. Pushing your limits to increase your strength and stamina is fine, but for that you should know your limits. Do, not push your body too much, because perfection is achieved with time and practice. So, prepare a daily schedule, and allocate time to each posture and try to adhere to that schedule for at least about a week before you reschedule to increase your limit. Forcing your body too much can give you a crack in your neck and can cause severe pain in your muscles.

It seems we have more and more benefits and hardly any consequences attached to this wonderful art form. So it is like a bane bestowed on the mankind from the god, and we should take out at least 30 minutes out of our daily schedule to take advantage of this invaluable, inexpensive and ultimate art form we call ‘Yoga’.

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