The Best YouTube Yoga Channels to be followed

The Best YouTube Yoga Channels to be followed

In present time where technology has surpassed every ordeals of difficulties and made walking a task to run on the treadmill in a closed room, has successfully taken us away from the lap of nature. Gone are those days where people used to get refresh in the park early in the morning time. Nowadays only the older generation is being keeping that trend alive. Our day to day routine has indeed become simplified but it has made us more dependent on it for every singular task. The irony lies here as if technology makes you gain weight like watching television for long hours then again technology on the other hand has made it tranquilized as the weight gained can be reduced on by running rigorously on the treadmill for as long as you have watched the television. Amusing but true.

On the contrary, Yoga is like a medicine and has made losing weight and also losing the stress and depression from the body go away with affluence. The more you do it, the more rationalized and streamlined you will feel. It not only makes you flexible but it also makes you feel more positive and closer to the warmth of the universe.

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Why Yoga is mightily superior to gym exercises?

  • Yoga is the best exercise for our body, mind, heart and spirit. The exercises practiced in Yoga holds the capability to heal not only the body but also rejuvenates the heart and the spirit. Yoga defines the fine line difference between anxiety and rest. It calms the body and relieves the stress from the mind. For people who don’t want any strings attached to the religious aspects then Yoga is the best way to ease yourself. The best part of Yoga is that it is
  • Yoga is one thing crafted and nurtured by man that anyone can perform easily and gain the best out of it. Even if you can spare 5 minutes from your busy schedules and meditate and least of all practice few easy asana of Yoga then also it is way more beneficial than running for around 20 minutes regularly on the treadmill. Hitting the gym can without a doubt be missed as it makes you tired and lousy post the tedious gym exercises but with Yoga you feel more energetic and postured.
  • Unlike gym where you need a personal trainer who takes good part of our monthly incomes and for what to make us pain the entire day long, learning yoga is no big deal as there are many groups and professionals trainers who train for free on live televisions, YouTube channels and various other religious channels.

If you are motivated and have tried working out at the gym which has not worked out for you that successfully then Yoga is your thing. Keeping up with the Yoga regime is easy and doesn’t require any strenuous tasks. Just 20 to 30 minutes in a day can keep you inclined towards Yoga and also restructure your schedule with more transparency and accuracy in everyday tasks that you do.

Learning Yoga is modest and doesn’t require any heavy long hours training schedules or loads of money to make the trainers rich, just few simple steps can make you learn Yoga efficiently.

Many celebrities has complied their personalized Yoga regime and made a business out of it, which is not doubt running successfully. Similarly my Yoga gurus teach Yoga in the morning hours of the day on various religious channels. Get the best Youtube yoga channels list here. The most easiest and efficient method that goes easy on the time facet is by following superlative and ranked YouTube channels. Below provided list of some famous Yoga trainers on YouTube can help you learn Yoga in no time:

  1. Learning Yoga by Tara Stiles

    If you dig in the almighty Google then it will take you to the places where Tara Stiles used to be a successful model. Why it’s best to follow her on YouTube is quite simple as she is no-nonsense follower and sticks to the regime inspirationally. She wastes no time in blabbering using soft voices but instead teaches Yoga in good 5-15 long videos. Her approach is synthesized and her way of teaching is smooth and transparent. What all you need from the video?

  1. Yoga by Adriene

    Adriene Yoga classes are technically straightened and she recently completed her 2years signature mark in YouTube. The most blockbuster thing about her Yoga sessions is that she teaches Kundalini style of Yoga which is famous for realization of inner self potential helps you wake the spiritual energy based inside of you. Her teaching styles is quite interactive and is for free. Adriene’s personal routine stands close to 2 minutes and her way of imparting Yoga exercises is that it instigates even a random internet surfer to learn Yoga.

  1. Ekhart Yoga

    Ekhart Yoga is famous for its shoulder Yoga techniques. The techniques taught in the channel is purely self-invented and proven highly beneficial by its subscribers. The personal Yoga instructor in the channel videos teach how to perform Yoga exercises on the first end which is when you don’t know even a bit of Yoga. The exercises are easy and generic.

  1. Yoga Journal

    The Yoga Journal blog used to be a very efficient channel but later on lacked inactivity, so the channel doesn’t have any newly and recently updated videos. This Youtube channel is successful in teaching Yoga to beginners and even experts. If you are a fan of Yoga Journal channel then you can browse the history of the channel and look out for the videos, it does have very informative and rationalized videos, fit for beginners, of average length of around 20 to 30 minutes.

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Learn Yoga and stay fit, it’s the best exercise for your heart, mind and soul. The above mentioned YouTube channels are good and result oriented as they cater to the direct need of Yoga essentials in our lives. Stay Put!

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