Naukasana, Boat Yoga Pose Benefits and Steps

Naukasana, Boat Yoga Pose Benefits and Steps

Are you fed up with your persistent backache, stiffness of body and increasing body weight? Have your mind is always filled with cluttered and useless thoughts which irritates you and you get hyper on even simple mistakes? Then yoga is the best solution of all these problems as it not just tackles with your weight issue but it also affects your mind and soul. Yoga I beyond meditation and back bend, it is a science which help you in achieving overall health. There are many poses in yoga practice which are very effective and Naukasana or the boat pose is one among them. Here we will discuss about this amazing pose which can give you six pack abs.

Naukasana or boat pose is named after the conformation of the body during this pose. Since the body resembles a shape of the boat therefore it is named Naukasana or boat pose. It is a forward bend performed in lying position and it affects the abdominal muscles, spine, chest, hands and legs muscles.

How to perform it?

  • Lie flat on your back while maintain a straight posture and place your arms beside your body.
  • Lift both of your legs above the ground as much as you can and keep them straight. There should not be any bending of the knees.
  • Raise your hands to touch your legs by lifting your neck and shoulders above the ground.
  • Maintain this pose for 10 – 15 seconds and you can increase the time when you get accustomed to it.
  • Get into the original position by lowering down your hands and legs.


  • Get medical guidance before going for this asana if you are having any problem.
  • Persons suffering from headache, hip joint pain, arthritis, blood pressure related disorder, ulcer and hernia should not practice this asana.
  • It should not be performed during pregnancy as it can exert pressure on the abdomen.
  • Women should avoid practicing this asana during menstruation.


  • Weight reduction

This pose acts on the abdominal muscles and thus reduces the deep seated belly fat with regular practice. You can add more yoga poses like chair pose and cobra pose to your workout session which enhances the weight loss process.

  • Toned muscles

This pose is able to give you six pack abs with regular practice. This exercise tones up the muscles and makes them firm.

  • Increase flexibility

This exercise stretches the neck, spine and back muscles and removes the stiffness in the body. It also strengthens the muscles of thigh, hips, neck and shoulders.

  • Improves functionality of internal organs

It is found helpful in improving the efficiency of internal organs like kidneys, thyroid and prostate gland. It also regulates the functions of liver, lungs and pancreas.

  • Improves cardio vascular system

It improves the blow flow throughout the body and also maintains a normal blood sugar level and thus it is generally prescribed for diabetic patients.

  • Shapes up the body

Since this pose requires you to stretch the muscles especially of hands and legs therefore it helps in removal of bulges or any excess fat in such region which gives you lean and perfect figure.

Variations of boat pose

  • Deepening the original boat pose

Get into a seated position and stretch your legs in front of you. Grasp your quads from behind and lift your legs. Slightly lean back and deepen the posture by making a V shape with your torso and legs. Hold this pose for 10 – 15 seconds and then return to the original position.

  • Twisting boat pose

After getting into the boat pose, bring your hands towards your heart and then twist to your right and then repeat the same to your left. Return to your initial position.

  • Lower down the body in intervals

While getting into the original position, try to lower down your body to few millimeters and holding the positions for few second. Again lower down the body for few millimeters and thus take a bit longer time to reach the ground.

  • Give support to the torso

Get into the boat pose and then lift your chest some more by using your hands. You can also bring your knees towards the chest to deepen the pose.

  • Boat stand pose

Separate your legs after getting into the boat pose. Maintain this pose for few seconds.

  • Half boat pose

Get into the boat pose and slightly bend the legs at your knees. Keep your arms straight towards the leg. Maintain the pose for few seconds.

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