Yoga for Beginners – Why do we do Yoga?

Yoga for Beginners – Why do we do Yoga?

So why do we do yoga? The answer to this question is extremely simple. It is because we want to lead a healthy and a stress free life. In this fast-paced life, when mental and emotional peace has become a distant dream due to our taxing schedule, Yoga is the best way to relax your mind and keep your body fit and healthy.

The in numerous benefits of Yoga has always been talked about at length. The yogic asanas have been used as a natural therapy to treat several diseases such as”

  • Asthma
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Heart ailments
  • Arthritis, or any other chronic disease.

Yoga is an ancient art which has been used over the centuries to cure almost every kind of disease; the medical science has recognized Yoga as an effective exercise and treatment. Inculcating the regular practice of yoga in one’s life can significantly change his lifestyle and habits, encouraging good health.

Well, let’s find out the various ways in which yoga benefits us. Yoga is a great way to achieve flexibility, build stamina and gain strength. Yoga helps you release stress and keeps your mind calm and focused. The everyday stress and the packed schedule have made exercising a difficult task. In, We are ready to give enough time and effort to our personal and professional commitments. In the meanwhile, our health takes a back seat and we only notice it once caught in the vicious circle of a lifestyle disorder. While it is a fact that taking time out for gymming isn’t possible, but just 20 minutes of yoga practice can resolve all your physical and mental health problems.

Now, let’s briefly take a look at the reasons why should we practice yoga:

1) To stay fit and healthy:

One of the main reasons people around the world making yoga a part of their daily lives is to stay fit and healthy. The asanas in yoga provide cardiovascular workout as well as help burn fat. When you take out fat from your body you reduce weight which ultimately reduces chances of several diseases caused due to overweight; such as diabetes, several heart and liver diseases, stroke, depression and several others. Yoga also happens to be one of the most effective and easiest ways of reducing weight. Yoga demands no specific place, it can be done anywhere. To practice yoga all you need is a pair of clothes which are comfortable and a mat on which you can practice yoga.

2) To develop mental strength:

Yoga not only increases our physical strength but it also helps our mind release stress and stay focused. Studies have shown that yoga includes various breathing exercises that help a practitioner relieve stress and eliminate negative elements from within. For instance, meditation helps increase concentration and eradicates anxiety and nervousness from mind. Meditation includes focusing on intake and outflow of breath by isolating mind from the outer world. Meditation is also advised to people fighting depression and it actually works better than any any-depression drug available in the market. By improving concentration level it helps you to focus on your tasks effectively. If you cannot remember things for long, then it is time for you to start meditating because meditation also boosts memory level and you get a sharper memory.

3) To develop physical strength and stamina:

Yoga includes several postures that require you to twist and stretch your body in various directions. Yoga asanas makes your body flexible and by practicing regularly you can develop great stamina. Yoga postures emphasize or stress on different parts of body and body joints which increases strength and your body gets flexible day by day.

To lead a successful life you need to be physically as well as mentally fit. Yoga is one such art that takes care of your mental as well as physical health. It keeps you away from diseases and refreshes your mind so that you can focus better. So if you aspire to live a healthy and tension free life, you need no more reasons to adapt to this art we call ‘Yoga’.

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