Things Men Hesitate to Tell Women

Things Men Hesitate to Tell Women

French Novelist André Malraux has rightly said that “Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.” To know your man in and out, you need to know his secrets. And some of these secrets are deep, if not dark. They are a hidden part of your man’s personality.

Well, the ladies love to believe that their husband or boyfriend are closest to them; they share all their secrets with them and find solace in them. But we would be breaking your heart to tell you that it is not even closer to what you think. Men are hesitant creatures; they don’t easily open up, even to their life partner. Even most of the times you would never know that they are hiding something. Before revealing their secrets, they gather courage and determination for long.

If you wish to know what is going on in the complex mind of your man, here we have jotted down some ‘secrets of your man’ that he certainly has never shared with you. We hope these help you find an easy way out to enter your man’s mind and solve the mysteries at the earliest!

  • A man will never say, “I am insecure about everything that I have”

Men will never tell you that they are insecure as hell. Whether it is their job, their home or their equation with you or with the kids, they will never spill the beans about their insecurity and vulnerability. They would fear that if they open up to you, you might consider them emotionally weak and dependent. Of course, we know it is not the case but making them believe the same is a herculean task.

To help your hesitant husband confide in you, try to give him affirmation. Tell him you love him no matter what! If your husband fails to find a reassuring friend in you, he might seek reassurance elsewhere. With genuine affirmation and affection, help your man know that you can certainly be his secret keeper. Don’t dig too much into his secrets, let him remove every layer slowly and easily.

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Men are awfully bad when it comes to expressing their feelings. For them it is challenging and it needs more than courage for them to tell you what they feel about you. Well, the common notion that men are unsympathetic and insensitive is not true for all men. The fact is that that due to the burden of being the caretaker and bread winner of the family, men often feel the need to put forward their stronger face thus to keep up with the image the macho man. They often suppress their emotional side and keep it silent when comes to opening up about what their feelings- good or bad. They need a lot of time and space to process their feelings and figure out how to express them; allow them their private time and they would find it easier to approach you. Let them figure out the right words and the right time.

  • They want merit for everything they do. In simpler words, men demand respect

While some people want respect, some demand it. And the specie of men surely demands it when it comes to being respected. Of course, every word of appreciation from your end satisfies this demand. Men desperately want the woman of their life to respect their ideas, thoughts, actions, feelings and every little thing they do. For men, love coupled with respect is a lifelong deal! Make your man feel important whenever you can; he will be pleased and flattered if you just appreciate his efforts of arranging the bedtime tea or putting the kids to the bed.

When we say respect your man, we surely don’t ask you to succumb to his illegitimate demands; keep your self-respect intact. Know when to draw the line.

  • Men want companionship and sometimes, they feel too shy to admit it

Yes, it is surprisingly true that your man loves to have you around even when he is attending a friend’s party. Nothing could give him as good company as you. The chances are that most of the times he will politely ask you to accompany him and not really force you. He might not even ask but keeping talking about ‘that party’. Read his mind (if you can) and say yes to accompany him and see how relaxed he feels to step out with you being at his side. Also it is a great way of spending some quality time with your husband.


Do not step into his ‘guy time’. This might irritate him.

  • He notices every little thing about you

Well, you think he is too busy to notice a few extra pounds you have gained in the last month or he wouldn’t really mind if you give a miss to your eyeliner for a while. If men are secret admirers, they are secret keepers too. He will notice the little changes in you and might not tell you at all. But we would suggest you to keep calm, as these things do not really make a difference to your relationship. And fortunately enough, your man knows this. His love for you is far more important than your weight gain. And you just love him more for that!

  • Your man loves to see you dressed up. It makes him feel special even if he doesn’t say so

Men prefer visuals over imagination. We know that you are in love with your over sized t-shirts and baggy shorts, he might also love to see you relaxed while at home. But when it comes to dates, he would love to see his lady dressed up for the occasion. Even dressing up a bit for casual dinner would be great. This certainly doesn’t mean that he has a problem with your plain Jane look. We would like to add to this that by dressing up, he doesn’t really mean to see you lying under the weight of heavy makeup. He would appreciate if you give your Oscars’ look a miss. A little mascara and a natural coloured lip gloss will seal the deal for him.

  • He loves your family as much as you do but of course, he can’t be with them for almost 24 X 7

We ladies are very emotional when it comes to our families. Even our criteria of choosing our soul mate depends on how our man is with our family, if they approve of him or not, if his thinking matches our values and if he could be another family member. His comfort level with our parents, siblings, relatives and friends matters the most. However, my ladies, take a deep breath and accept the fact that like every human being, even your man will take his own sweet time to love your family and accept them as his own.

Give him a break at times and stop forcing ‘the weekly family reunions’ on him. It is because he is too polite to say no to your invitations for the awaited reunions. He knows his negative response will hurt you. Understand him and give him some space to deal with the new changes on his own.


Apart from the above mentioned things, there is one thing which a woman often feel about her man .i.e., he doesn’t like to stay at home, doesn’t want to be surrounded by the kids and has little interest when it comes to fixing household chores. Once again, the ladies are requested to take it easy. As much as you love to stay back and relax at home, even your husband love to be at home sweet home.

Cuddling on the couch, cooking a meal with you and playing scrabble with the kids do top their priority list but it is often their busy schedule which holds them back. Understand their unspoken words and gestures, the journey call life would be smoother, easier and fun.

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