Signs If He is Cheating You in a Relationship?

Signs If He is Cheating You in a Relationship?

You were having a love filled life and suddenly he is trying to make distance from you. You have asked yourself many questions like Did I hurt him? Have I become unattractive? Have I become clingy? But after many brainstorming session you have not come up with any mistake from your side then WHAT WENT WRONG? “May be he is cheating on you” You want to accept this reason but you are afraid that he will think very low of you if he find out about your suspicions. So why don’t you keep an eye on his behavioral changes for any evidence and then confront him. We will help you out by telling some important changes in him you should look out for.

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He is secretive

The privacy of a person is an important thing, but being secretive with your partner is hurtful to another. There was a time when you share everything, be it food, coke or technologies like phone, laptop, etc. and spent hours on watching movies, surfing the internet and taking pictures and showing to each other and then everything vanished like it has never done before. If he didn’t like to share his techies with you from the beginning of the relation then it is another thing, but if he has just started this secretive habit then you should be alarmed. May be he is hiding something and you have to do a little snooping through his things to get the evidence while he is out or sleeping.

He is conscious about his looks

This is the biggest behavioral change you will notice even if you don’t want to admit yourself. He was not conscious about his looks or hygiene when he has started going around with you, but now he is ultra conscious about every bit of his personality. He shaves regularly and wears more perfume or changed the usual fragrance than it is a big sign that he is trying to impress someone or want to be noticed by somebody.

He has no time for you

You always wait for the weekends so that you can spend some quality time together without caring about his tight official schedules. But now he has no time with you and his tight schedule has become tighter than ever. Every time he is in some meeting or engaged in some work related commitments even on weekends!!! If you want to catch him off guard then just arrive at his office to give him dinner takeout from his favorite eating joint or ask him for 15 minute coffee break. In this way you will appear sweeter rather than sneaky.

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He is spending too much

When was the last time he has spent this much because every time he has done shopping with you or take care of your needs. But now he is spending on lunches, dinners, clothes, gift etc and none of them are related to you. You can look out for bill statement if you have shared credit card or account and you can also look out for the receipts of restaurants, movie tickets and gifts in his pockets when he put off his clothes.

If all these things you are noticing in him, then the time is now to ask him directly. You can ask the questions which sounds more out of concern like “Where have you been since I was trying to reach you?” And if he gets irritated and blames you for being clingy then you should be clear that either he is finding you clingy or he wants to hide his secret and therefore becoming defensive. If you have evidences then show him then and there as it will make him spill the truth. Always remember that an unfaithful partner hurts more than a broken heart.