Ultimate List of Signs that Say He truly Loves You

Ultimate List of Signs that Say He truly Loves You

Your man might not be the types who easily profess their love. They show it through their small gestures and prefer to keep it that way rather than talking about it to the world. But this doesn’t mean he is not in love with you. You have to understand his gestures, understand his unspoken words and read his mind at times. To help you unravel your man easily, we have listed some signs that indicate his love for you. Read them and find on your own how much he loves you.

He acts silly to see you laughing

After a hectic day at work, who wouldn’t want laughing their heart out with their partner, and if your man doesn’t mind being silly in front of you to tickle your funny bones, he is certainly the one who would always keep you happy. The person would never mind the effort of putting a smile to your face, even if it means spending some good amount of money to take you on a surprise dinner. His happiness is from your smile and nothing bothers to him more than you sad face.

He doesn’t mind making compromises for you

Love demands adjustments and compromises from both the ends. If your man understands this well, he is surely the person you would want in your life. It is not about being right or wrong; it is about if he listens to you or not. Is your ready beau to give up his ‘boys’ meet’ a miss for your sudden shopping plan or he is stubborn to meet and have a drink with his friends? The man who doesn’t mind making small adjustments in his schedule to adjust you in his plans might not be the one who would stand with you during the times of troubles. These adjustments help you judge your future partner in a better way. Well, this point stands valid for women also.

He wants you to be a part of his family years before both of you would plan your wedding

Does he ask you to accompany him to his family dinners? Does he want you to meet every important person in his life? If your answer is in affirmative, you would be glad to know that you matter a lot to him, more than you think. What could be lovely than your boyfriend dying to introduce to his bunch of friends and family? This certainly means that he cherishes his relationship with you and proud to be with you. The way he is in love with you, he wants his family to too fall in love with you.

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He loves to talk to you no matter what time it is or where he is

His priority is talk to you regularly no matter if he is tired after a late night shift. He finds it hard to sleep without discussing his entire day with you. He is constantly on call if you are going to a new place for an interview. He knows your whereabouts and even a few hours of yours don’t go without talking to him. Well, in such a situation, we would advise you to never let go your man. He is worth everything. He cares about you and doesn’t shy away from telling the world that you matter to him.

He loves your no-makeup look and wouldn’t mind your Barbie pyjamas

Though you always step out of your house looking like a fashionista, there are days you don’t even want to put a natural lip shade. And your man understands your mood and doesn’t mind you turning up for a dinner date without a pinch of makeup. He appreciates your look and even the casual t-shirt that you worn to the date doesn’t bother him at all. For him, it is your company which matters, not your fancy makeup, hair do or dresses. Ladies, a man appreciating your natural beauty is nothing less than a gem. If you have found him, keep him tied to you for the entire life.

He knows that a relationship is based on honesty and truth

Nothing could be more comforting than being in a relationship with a person who turns to you every time he has something important to tell, even if it means a proposal from her hot colleague. Whether it is his family issues or financial crisis, he shares everything with you. He find solace in telling you what bothers him. With such a person, you can surely expect a safe future in which you wouldn’t be running behind a betraying husband. But ladies, remember that you partner expects the same level of honesty and truthfulness from your end too.

He likes showering love on you in his small, simple ways

He keeps his ego aside and enters the kitchen every morning to prepare bedtime tea for you or spoil you with a lavish breakfast every day. He likes to leave notes for you so that you can read them once back from office. He arranges the room without you even asking him to do so. He helps you prepare dinner and even put children to sleep. He likes to talk while both of you lay together at night.

If these things sound familiar to you and you see your husband doing them daily for you, he loves you truly. He is your soul mate in the right sense and way above the issue of genders in a marriage. He is your right man.

Your dreams are his dreams

You might dream of becoming the next Indira Nooyi or taking over Reliance or becoming the next big thing in Bollywood, your man respect your aspirations without judging them. He understands your seriousness about your career or anything that you want to take up. One of the signs of his love for you is that he never makes fun of your dreams or plans; he supports you in every way he can. He goes an extra mile to make sure your dreams come to realisation. For him, it is a way of knowing you better and show his care for you. Whether you meet success or a failure, he is ready to celebrate/cry with you while also giving the required dose of motivation.

He is picking up your ways of doing things

He might always cribbing about the things you ask him to fix, he understands what importance these things hold for you. For example- you like to keep your cupboard clean with your clothes, shoes and books tucked in their right shelves whereas you partner is someone whose cupboard is a mess no matter how big it is! But to keep you happy, you partner has started managing his cupboard. Though he is not very good at folding clothes, he is still trying to bring things in order. He knows that now you wouldn’t have to spend your weekends managing his messed up things and both of you would be able to have some special time. This is an undeniable sign of his affection for you. And, what could be better than your man following your footsteps?

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‘I’ is gone and ‘We’ has entered

Your man is no more thinking about himself; he has accepted you as a part of his own and now you feature in all his future plans. He has started using ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ when deciding things like ‘We need a medical insurance’ rather than ‘I think I should a medical insurance’ or ‘We would manage a loan to buy a house’ rather than ‘I hope I can get a loan for my house’.

If you feel relaxed after reading the list of signs that say he truly loves you, we assure you that he certainly does, but in his own ways!