Fail Marriage Proposal 15 Reasons Why He is Not Proposing You For Marriage

Marriage is the foundation of our society and it becomes successful when it is based on love. If you have found the perfect man for you then you are a lucky girl but sometimes the guy is not ready to take your year long relationship to next level i.e. marriage. Are you asking yourself that why he is not proposing you? There can be several reasons and we have picked the most common reasons.

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Fail Marriage Proposal - Marry me

  1. He fears that everything will be changed after marriage

marriage fear - Fail Marriage Proposal

You two are happy in a relationship and enjoying the lovely moments. May be he fears that all the happiness will vanish after marriage. He might think that after marriage you have to take many responsibilities which can force you to change. Your “we” time will be divided into family members, kids and relatives. Try to understand his fears and discuss on how you both can resolve them together.

  1. He wants to remain carefree

marriage fear - Fail Marriage Proposal

Marriage means responsibilities and maybe your boyfriend is not ready to carry the burden of responsibilities on his shoulders. You should understand this and slowly make him realize that responsibilities are the biggest factor which makes any relationship successful.

  1. He is commitment phobic

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and if your man is not settled in his life then he won’t try to take your relation to the next level. This is a wise decision from his side and you should support him as a friend if he wants to focus on his career first. But you should make him realize that you are not a plaything which he can use temporarily.

  1. He doesn’t want to be the first married man in his friends

marriage fear - Fail Marriage Proposal

Many guys think that if they get married when no one in their group is married then they will become a laughing stock or a teasing target. You can get along with his friends so he thinks that they accepts you and don’t outcast him after getting married. If his buddies become your best buddies then they can encourage him to go on his knees in front of you!!

  1. He has elder siblings

marriage fear - Fail Marriage Proposal

In our society, it is not acceptable that younger child get married before the elder ones. Maybe your boyfriend is thinking the same. Maybe he is waiting for his elder brother or sister to get married so that he can talk his parents about you.

  1. He wants to convince his parents on his choice

convince parents

Marriage is not about two people, it is about two families and if you guy is a family guy then he doesn’t want to disappoint his parents when it comes to their daughter in law. You may be perfect for you but he wants to make sure that his parents approve you to become a member of their family.

  1. He is still interested in his ex

ex girlfriend - Fail Marriage Proposal

You might have been the life support when he was drowning in the grief of his break up but the comeback of his ex can lighten the flame once again between them. If you find him talking about her ex or talking with her then confront him about the matter and ask him his opinion about your relationship.

  1. He is afraid of your NO

marriage fear - Fail Marriage Proposal

Some guys are not very expressive emotionally means he fears that if you reject his proposal then how he will cope with that situation. He may be want to assure himself that when he will open the ring box in front of you then you jump with joy and answer in a big YES!! Express your love for him to let him know that your answer will be a YES always.

  1. He is confused about you

proposal no - Fail Marriage Proposal

If he has experience of a bad relationship then he doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes. He will definitely want to be clear about you that you are the best life partner for him. Try to focus on your relationship and not on how to make him marry you.

  1. He wants to settle down professionally

career ambition - Fail Marriage Proposal

Being a career oriented person is not bad trait and maybe this is the reason that he is not asking you to marry him. He wants to be financially secure so that he can provide everything you wish for. He also wants to pursue his ambitions and your support in his goal will earn your more love and respect.

  1. He thinks marriage means making babies

baby born dream - Fail Marriage Proposal

Many men think that marriage means having children and facing their tantrums. They don’t see playing with kids as a beautiful dream but as a nightmare. If your guy is also a kid phobic then you can assure him that you will have children when you both are ready for it.

  1. He is preparing himself for the meeting with your parents

in laws meeting - Fail Marriage Proposal

It is possible that he is sure about your YES but what about the approval of your parents. A girl’s parents want the best for their princess and maybe your guy is preparing to present himself as your prince charming. If this is the reason then you are lucky to have such a man in your life.

  1. He is waiting for your hints

Some men wait for hints from the girl to take the step. You should leave hints about taking your relationship forward. You can indirectly tell him that you are ready to tie the knot and maybe you get a proposal from him soon.

  1. He thinks you are being clingy

clingy girlfriend - Fail Marriage Proposal

Giving attention to a person is good thing but too much attention can seem like stalking. Your constant phone calls, messages and raising the marriage word on every other occasion makes you look like a desperate woman to him. So, stop being a despo and live your life with your friends and family with happiness. It makes him think that you are not going to become a clingy wife after your marriage.

  1. He had a bitter past

Many men are afraid of divorce after marriage because it will label them as losers and if he is from a broken family means divorced parents then this fear becomes more persistent. This fear is holding him back from asking you for marriage. Try to know his past and related fear. Convince him emotionally that you are not going to repeat what his parents did.

There can be other reasons because of which he is not asking you for marriage. You can ask him clearly about his reason if you have already spent several years in a relationship. Try to understand his insecurities and fears to resolve his issues regarding marriage.

Stay happy in your life, respect yourself, and spend time with your loved ones beside your Mr. Perfect so that he can see what an amazing person you are. If you keep on asking him questions about marriage then he will pull away himself from you. So love him without strangling his passion for you and you will hear the wedding bells soon!!