Want a Career in Health Industry? – 5 Tips for Success in Nursing School

In case you haven’t figured this out yet, nursing school is really hard especially an advanced one like for DNPs. Those who go into nursing programs unprepared for hard work and a rigorous schedule quickly drop out and find themselves wondering what to do.

Even the best and brightest nursing students find themselves struggling from time to time, and all nursing students can use some tips, tricks, and hacks to succeed.

Nursing school will eventually lead to a rewarding career doing something meaningful for a living, but getting to that point can be difficult at times and nearly impossible at others. This is not meant to discourage prospective nursing students, but if it was easy, everyone would do it.

So in order to lighten the load and hopefully make it a little easier, we developed this guide for success. Some of the tips may seem simple in theory, but they can be difficult in practice.

But if you are able to follow these guidelines, you will find that the overall experience of nursing school will be made much easier and your time there will be much more successful.


1. Think in terms of practical action

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the nearly endless list of facts, figures, numbers, and information that will be presented to you in class. However, your patient will not be concerned with all of the reasons why he or she feels badly (nor will patients be impressed with your knowledge of the facts); the patient just wants to feel better.

Instead of trying to take in all of the information you learn in class as facts, think of it in terms of practical applications and how it will relate to the patient.

2. Find a good study group

The importance of a solid study group cannot be overstated. Research has shown that students retain 90% of what they learn with peers, as opposed to 60% of what is learned in class and only 10% of what is read. Being part of a study group also creates a routine of scheduled studying and helps keep the information fresh.

3. Keep yourself on schedule

With that being said, creating routines and keeping yourself on a schedule will help you in an untold number of ways. Humans are creatures of habit, and your brain will work better if it is adapted to doing each task at a designated time each day.

4. Make use of available resources

In addition to classes, books, and your peers, there are countless resources available with important information and helpful tips during nursing school. Your nursing exam study guide will provide a list of resources, and most schools provide many additional sources.

For example, students who take online NP classes from Provider Skills are provided with a number of online resources which contain nearly everything a student will need for success.

5. Take care of yourself

Many nursing students not only attend classes and study, they also work full or part-time jobs, take care of families, and some even manage to keep something of a social life. With everything these hectic schedules entail, it can be easy to forget the importance of taking care of your physical and mental health.

Remember to exercise, eat healthy, sleep regularly, and take at least a few moments of me-time each day.