Weight Loss Tips for Women

Weight Loss Tips for Women

A fabulous and sculpted body is not just a dream, but an obsession of the fairer sex and the advancement in techniques and medical science have boosted this desire of remaining in perfect shape. These new approaches of weight loss like pills, gels, supplements and equipments have their own drawbacks, but natural methods are totally safe and sound. So if you want to peel off those extra pounds in a natural way then here are some tested and tried tips.

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Follow the rules for Weight Loss:

First thing first, stick to the common weight loss rules to make you disciplined enough to eat and live healthy. For example, If you follow a strict diet one day and totally mess up with it on the other day, then you will reach nowhere with respect to your overweight status. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts which you should follow in order to lose weight.


  • Go for realistic weight loss targets like 1-2 pounds per week.
  • Does short term exercise daily rather than long hours of work out on alternate days.
  • Make modifications to your lifestyle like walking, taking up any exercise or sport etc.


  • Don’t ever try to skip meals as it will put your body in survival mode.
  • Don’t diet under stress as you are more likely to withdraw from it. In addition, the stress hormone will make it difficult to lose weight.
  • Never leave the house with empty stomach because it can make you eat unhealthy food.
  • Cheat meal is allowed for once a day, but not throughout the day.

Dietary changes

Modification of usual diet is very important if you want to lose weight. You have to just reduce the serving size without removing any nutrients from the plate. There are some dietary recommendations which should be strictly followed to burn those extra calories which are:

Dietary habits also play a big role in adding pounds to our body, therefore in order to lose weight we should take up some good habits and part with some bad practices. Here are some suggestions about how you should respond to your dietary needs.

  • Have a hearty and healthy breakfast because it will help you to lose more calories
  • Take your time in eating and chewing the food as it will provide your brain enough time to analyze if your stomach is full or not.
  • Eat your food at the dining table without any distraction like books, television, laptop, etc. and wait for some time before second serving. This habit will focus you on your food and prevents you from overeating.
  • If you can’t control your cravings then don’t bring your favorite food at home.
  • Bring a homemade lunch and snacks to the office to avoid eating outside or during travelling.
  • Sleep early to stay away from cravings since sleep deprivation encourage more unhealthy eating due to reduced metabolism.

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Practice healthy cooking and eating

If you also cook at home then by using these simple tips you can make your food more healthy, tasty and low in calories as well and it will also help you in reducing your waistline.

  • Use the smallest spoon for tasting and if you do a lot of it from various dishes, then eat less at the dining table.
  • Prepare dishes which take time to eat like soup, whole fruit and uncut lean meat.
  • Cool off the toast or baked potato before buttering to avoid excess absorbance of butter.
  • If you have to store beverages, cookies or other items for guests or family, then avoid buying your favorite items.
  • Use a very less amount of oil for preparing dishes or sautéing and cook in nonstick cookware if possible.
  • Serve food for yourself and avoid eating on leftovers as it will add calories to your body.
  • If you can’t turn down the offer of a fried item, then take a paper napkin and slightly press on the fried food as it will absorb the excess oil.

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Be smart when eating outside

You cannot turn down a date offer from your boyfriend or the guy you are interested in and you also don’t want to ruin your weight loss efforts, then you should use these simple tricks to avoid unwanted calories without telling him about your diet plan.

  • Wear your tight fitting dress when you are going out for dinner or lunch. This will impress him and the restriction of the dress will help you in eating less.
  • Go through the menu and choose a light in calorie dish and you can say that this is your favorite.
  • Fill three fourth of your plate with fruits, veggies or mini grilled chicken skewers at the buffet table while attending a party
  • Politely refuse any recommendations of a food or order on your behalf during group lunch or dinner and order for yourself.
  • Eat slowly and sweetly ask your host to get the food packed as home takeout because you are feeling full.
  • Always eat something with lots of fibers and proteins before going to a party or event as these nutrients will keep you full.

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These are some simple and common practices which we generally ignore our daily life and keeps on putting weight. But, now when you have determined to lose weight, then these habits will help you in staying away from cravings, unhealthy eating, overeating, hidden calories etc.

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