Definite Weekly Diet Plan for Burning Fat

Definite Weekly Diet Plan for Burning Fat

You are determined to lose weight and you have brought every gym equipment, veggies, fruits, diet supplements but do you think that by gathering all the healthy stuff and workout equipment you will reach your goal of losing weight. Always remember that an unplanned endeavor can never give you the desired result. On other hands, it may backfire you if you do not maintain coordination in your diet intake and physical training. It can make your body weak and tired instead of lean and fit.

There are three calorie levels for a person who wants to lose weight and these are 1200, 1500 and 1800. If you are of short or average height or a person who need not lose much weight then opt for the lower calorie level i.e. 1200 but if you have good height or have oodles of weight then go for 1800 calorie level and if you are not sure about the category you fall in then go for the safest calorie level i.e. 1500 calories per day.

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The best method to calculate the calorie level is like this. You can multiply your weight (in pounds) by 12 and subtract 1000 from the result. For example, if your weight is 190 lbs then after using the above-mentioned formula the result will be 1280 which is closest to the lower calorie level. This equation has been used in many weight loss trials and found to be very true in predicting the calorie intake of a person. So, use it as a start point for your meal plan.

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Start Weekly Diet Plan for Burning Fat

You can divide your weight loss plan into two parts means plan your meal and workout in a way that it aims for rapid weight loss in first two weeks while gradual loss in next two weeks which will help you in maintaining your weight in a long term.

Follow the fundamental principles

1. Take 220 – 250 grams of protein daily and if you feel hungry during the day then take a protein shake in-between meals. Go for food with high quality protein like egg whites, poultry, protein supplements, tofu, beans, and lentils, white or fatty fishes. The protein source you take should be boiled, steamed, baked or grilled.

2. Decrease your carbs consumption in your diet. The required amount of carbs on a low day is 100 grams while on a moderate day the required amount is 150 grams. You should include healthy and complex carbs in your diet and the best sources are veggies, fruits, bean, lentils, whole grains, brown rice, yams, quinoa, oats, whole wheat pasta, barley etc.

3. Drink at least 4 liters of water daily as it keeps your body hydrated after wa orkout and also prevents you from overeating. If you can’t live without coffee then take it with low-fat milk or almond milk or without it and limit the coffee intake once a day.

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Old habits die hard

Old habits are your biggest enemy in your weight loss quest. The first week is the worst one as your cravings are at their highest and you will feel that you are locked in some rehab centre. Your vow for not having junk food is on the verge of breaking when you will find fast food stalls at every corner then how will you stop your craving. The answer is preparing your meal and takes it with you. Always keep something to eat while travelling like roasted nuts, whole fruit, protein drinks and bars as these items will put down your cravings in a healthy manner.

When you feel a craving for sugar make a shake with protein powder and lots of ice. It will give you a taste of milk shake and you can also include some berries in it. You can take low sugar protein bars which taste like ca andy bar. When you visit any restaurant ask them not to include butter or cheese in your order. Get a salad with fat free dressing or grilled meat without oil or grease.

Another way of dealing the cravings is cheat meal. Plan to gorge on a cheat meal on Sundays so that you can be ready to start a new healthy week with fewer cravings. Make sure that you have cheat meal only once on Sunday otherwise all your workout and strict dieting will go in vain.

A psychological technique has been used by many people and helps in motivating you to continue your weight loss plan. Take some front, sides and back pictures of you before starting your weight loss plan and stick them to your mirror. Compare your reflection with your snaps everyday and when you will see the noticeable changes it will boost your confidence level.

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Weekly Diet Plan


This is always the hardest day of diet plan as you will be on fruit diet. Take all types of fruits mainly apple, oranges, pomegranates, strawberries, melons, lime but exclude banana, mangoes, grapes and litchi. Whether you eat 10 or twenty times but you have to eat fruits only. You can probably lose 3 pounds if you take only melons for your first day.


The second day will be an all veggie day. Consume all types of vegetable in any form means raw, baked, boiled or steamed. Start your day with boiled potato with little bit of butter. Vegetables has complex carbon which are not easy to digest therefore it will give you a sense of fullness. You are taking fiber and nutrients for this day that means there are no calories. You will win half battle if you make out through this day.


This is the combination of the previous two days means you are having fruits as well as veggies. You have to exclude potatoes from the diet as you will get enough carbs from your fruit intake. Consume more than 4 liters of water and it will improve your metabolism. Your cravings may try to take over your aim but you can put them down by having a protein bar and shakes.


On this day, you have the freedom of eating bananas and drinking milk. Since bananas are famous for increasing weight but here they will act as a source of sodium and potassium which you have already cut down from your diet from three days. Have one cup of diluted vegetable soup which includes veggies like tomato, onion, garlic and capsicum. It will change your taste from all fruits intake.

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This will be quiet a tasty day as you are allowed to eat soup made up of cottage cheese, sprouts and tomatoes. You can add soya chunks to this soup. You have to increase your water consumption to one-fourth of the daily intake. It will flush out all the toxins and uric acid which is responsible for retaining the excess water in the body.


Exclude tomatoes on this day and have a soup made from cottage cheese, vegetables, and sprouts. The veggies will add fiber and minerals to your diet. Drinks plenty of water throughout the day.


This is the day of your cheat meal but don’t get excited you will have it only once and that is too a small portion. You can notice the change till this day. Continue the diet plan for the next three weeks and you will get a lean and fit body for sure.

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Although, vegetarian food dominates the above mentioned diet plan but you can add egg whites, poultry, lean red meat etc along with it if you are non vegetarian. You can couple it with veggies to make salad and dress with virgin olive oil which is healthy for the body. Try the above mentioned tips and get a sculpted figure in 28 days.

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