Weight Loss Supplements – Facts and Truths, You Might Never Heard Off

Weight Loss Supplements – Facts and Truths, You Might Never Heard Off

You have put on weight more than you can carry on but afraid to lose it by sweating it out in gym or following a strict diet. The genius in you has found an easy quick fix for the problem in form of those colorful weight loss pills. If you think you have got a magic lamp of Aladdin then just hold on for a second before doing a happy dance and learn the truth behind these supplements which claims to make you slim and lean in few days.

Weight Loss Supplements are Good or Bad?

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Herb that prevents hunger

An African herb named “hoodia” is very popular as appetite suppressant. Despite of anecdotal evidence which claims that it is used to suppress hunger during long journey it is still not proven by modern scientific methods. The main compound found in the herb is P 57 which is reported to affect the brain of animals which result into less hunger. But the human trial is still awaited hence no one can describe its side effects or any other negative impact on the human system.

Pop up a pill and forget healthy diet

Weight loss pill is not a magic wand which will make you slim overnight. People assumes that they need not to look after their diet if they are taking the weight loss supplement but the truth is if you take a healthy diet and do some exercise then the pill can benefit you in a appropriate manner. For instance, a common weight loss supplement Alli, is very effective in losing weight but only then when you are taking a proper diet and doing exercise. It prevents your digestive tract from absorbing some fats that is why when you take this medication it is important that you take a low fat diet not more than 15 grams otherwise you will face its side effect like bloating or nausea.

Drink green tea burn calorie

No doubt green tea helps in burning calories but only then when a right amount of it is consumed. If you drink too much tea then it will not be effective in a long run. The major component in green tea is caffeine which acts as a stimulant to burn calories. But large intake of caffeine can affect heart rhythm and your sleeping pattern.

Bitter is better than risk

Bitter orange scientifically known as citrus aurantium is considered as a substitute of the drug Ephedra. A herb which has been used as weight loss supplement but banned by the FDA due to its harmful properties after it has been linked with some high profile deaths. A chemical synephrine found in bitter orange has displayed same properties of ephedrine which is major constituent of Ephedra thus it carries the same risk of blood pressure and arrhythmias.

On shelf is safe

One perception of the consumers is that if they find any product on the shelf then it must have been having clearance from government agencies. But this is actually not true in most cases. A studies shows that 54% consumers assumed that the weight loss supplements available on store are FDA approved but many of them has been found harmful for the body as according to FDA they contains laxative, diuretics and other harmful chemicals.

Natural never harms

It is right that natural supplements are less harmful but still there may be some side effects. For instance, Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has become very popular for weight loss but its effectiveness is still not studied in detail. It helps in building muscle and losing fat but these results can also achieved by exercise and food items like meat, egg and dairy products.

But there is no need to disappoint as here we will tell you some very good weight loss supplements which have scientific evidences but you have never heard about them as they are not as popular as their contemporary counterparts.

Hydroxycitrate, Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA can make you happy

HCA is a salt extracted from plant of brindal berry and Garcinia Cambodia which are grown in southeast Asia. It has been used for joint and stomach ailments. It is the primary constituent of some famous diet products like Citrin, Bio Max 3000, Garcinia Trim pulse. Studies have proven that it helps in reducing LDL cholesterol, cutting off fat absorption, lowering appetite and enhancing metabolism.

Fiber prevents fat

The fiber Chitosan originated from Chitin which is the main component of the shells or the exoskeleton found in insects and crustaceans. It helps in reducing fat absorption and lowering down the cholesterol.

Beta Glucan beats fat

The chemical Beta Glucan present in many forms is a concentrated soluble fiber found in yeast, algae and mushrooms. It is reported to help in controlling diabetes and reducing cholesterol level.

Glucomannan gets you in shape

This chemical has properties which helps in controlling blood sugar level, diabetes and enhance weight loss. It is a fiber which is derived from an Asian plant “Konjac” and found to be very effective in obesity treatment. It helps in carbs absorption, water absorption in the digestive tract and lowering cholesterol level. Since it is hygroscopic in nature it is traditionally applied as gel on outer body.

Mango makes you lose weight

African mango seeds are used as a weight loss medicine as it contains fiber which helps in diabetes, cholesterol reduction and weight loss. It has also antibiotic and pain relieving properties.

It is true that supplements can help you in losing weight in less time but always remember that there is no alternative of hardwork. Supplements can give you temporary results but a healthy lifestyle, diet and workout regime can maintain your fitness for long time. By taking right amount of vitamins and other nutrient can trigger the internal switch of the body to burn calories stored in form of fat. For instance, Vitamin D deprivation can interfere the production of a hormone leptin which is responsible for signaling the brain to stop eating. In the absence of this hormone you tend to eat more and gain weight. Take minerals like calcium, nutrients like proteins, Omega 3-fatty acid, Mono unsaturated fatty acid, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), Polyphenols are some molecules which can melt body fat if you take them in your diet. So, we will suggest you to couple the above supplements with proper diet and exercise and you will get a fab body.

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