How to Lose Weight Instantly & Naturally

How to Lose Weight Instantly & Naturally

Today’s generation has become extra cautious about losing weight and remaining fit and is thus leaving no stone unturned in finding out ways to achieve the perfect body. They, however, are indulging in losing weight by any means, by hook or by crook. This means that they would indulge themselves to go through surgeries or consume pills that guarantee weight loss, not realizing that these have disastrous side effects in the long run.

Losing weight instantly and naturally is not a tough task, provided you are focused and determined.

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Following are some ways to lose weight naturally:

Plan a proper diet

Your diet should be a balanced one, containing proper nutrients in the right quantity required by your body. Never starve yourself; it’s a myth that you lose weight if you starve. Replace huge meals with small ones within every 3-4 hours. And the most important thing to remember is to never skip your breakfast. It is the most vital meal of your day. And make sure that you don’t have salt in any way after 7.30 pm.

Eat the right food

Make sure you include green leafy vegetables and at least three fruits in your diet. They contain the required fiber and proteins that help you stay fit. These are the essential “must haves” for every person. Avoid fatty, starchy and junk food at all times. If at all you must have it, moderation is the key. Go for small portions so that you satisfy your taste buds without adding a lot of fat to your body.

Drink lots of water

Drinking water is a very important part of staying fit. You must drink at least consume 4litres of water a day. Drinking water has various benefits like increasing metabolism, suppressing the appetite, cleansing the system, toxin removal, healthy and younger looking skin and helps fighting against various ailments like stones.

Exercising/working out

Make fitness your lifestyle and you will always remain healthy. Include some kind of workout in your regime. Do at least 45 minutes of fitness training or go for yoga or brisk walks. These are the most natural ways of losing weight naturally. Working out helps in burning fats and calories.

Have natural fat burners

By natural fat burners we mean, green tea, avocadoes, tulsi tea, nuts and flax seeds. You can have them in between meals when you feel hungry. Instead of going in for junk food or snacks, you can eat or drink these natural fat-burning foods to feel full. They not only cut fat but also increase the metabolism of your body, giving an added benefit.

Stress less

Stress in the form of anxiety or depression is one of the major reasons why most people gain weight. So it is very important to distress yourself by practicing yoga or meditation frequently. Do things that make you happy and worry less. By having low stress levels and sleeping well, you will surely have a fresh start to your day and will feel motivated to carry on your day-to-day jobs.As much as exercising is important, if your diet is not proper nothing will work. Always remember 70% diet and 30% workout is what makes a great body.Following are some books on the losing weight instantly naturally. Lets have a look at them:

Natural health and Weight Loss by Barry Groves

This book by Barry Groves is an amazing one, which stresses on healthy eating and the benefits of eating every 3 hours. It aims to change and plan your current diets to lose weight naturally. It also includes a list of low calorie food preparation.

Yoga for Weight Loss by Bharat Thakur

This book by Bharat Thakur stresses on the need for meditation and yoga for effective weight loss. Bharat Thakur is considered to be the modern yoga guru and he has shared some effective mediation and yoga postures that help to lose weight naturally.

The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss

Find Your Easiest Path to Naturally Thin: This books mentions about losing weight with proper diet planning and change in diets. More than weight loss, it focuses on how to keep the lost weight from coming back. It, thus, recommends some permanent change in your food and exercise habits to stay fit and healthy.

Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight

This book by fitness guru Rujuta Diwekar has created waves in the market. Her approach towards losing weight is different from others and she focuses on not losing your mind/worrying about losing weight. She recommends ways to lose weight without crash dieting or starving. Her focus mainly is to tell people to understand their body and love it and make the right diet plan and make that their lifestyle. That is the best way in which one can remain fit all their life.

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