The Best Way to Drop Weight Upto 5 Pounds in a Week

The Best Way to Drop Weight Upto 5 Pounds in a Week

A special occasion is just on a week distance and you are not ready for it. If you want to get rid of those extra calories in a week time then you can practice these simple suggestions.

List of Best Ways to Drop Weight in a Week

Early morning exercises

Beginning of the day with workout is the best way to motivate you for weight loss. An early workout boosts up the energy level which results into more focus and productivity throughout the day. It also enhances your metabolism which helps in burning calories for long hours. A study states that if you do exercise for 45 minutes in morning then it will burn 17% more calories upto 14 hours.

Put your heart into weight loss

Choose a workout which enhance the heart rate helps in burning calories and it benefits more when the cardio exercises effects on multiple muscles. Spend half an hour on spinning, cardio kickboxing, and boot-camp workouts and it will tone your arms, legs and core which gives you a sculpted body.

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Drinking benefits

Increase your daily intake of water to more than 3-4 liters as it will keep your body hydrated. The body tends to lose water during workout and it requires sufficient amount of water to meet the metabolic needs. Try to avoid drinks which contain sugar or high sodium content.

Cut off sodium and sugar intake

Sugar or other carbohydrates and sodium prevent water loss thus the weights of water add up to your body weight. Try to avoid processed food as it contains high sodium contents. Sugar and starch increase the production of insulin in the body which is the main hormone responsible for fat storage hence cutting down the intake of these carbs will help in calorie reduction. Add hot spices like cayenne pepper, bell pepper or jalapeno, black pepper as it triggers thermogenesis in your body which boosts up the metabolism.

Say no to carbs

Excluding white grain products (white rice, white bread, sandwich, pasta etc.) from your diet can increase the slimming down process of the body. According to researchers, these simple carbohydrates can increase your body weight as these are digested easily which makes your body crave for more food. In addition to that, this food causes bloating especially around the belly region. Replace these carbohydrates with vegetable carbs which are more complex and takes time to digest. Therefore, it gives you a sense of fullness and since veggies are high on water content hence it also helps in reducing water weight of the body.

Add fiber subtract weight

If you have started working out then you should not take less than 1500 calories. Workout results in body waste like dead cells and tissues which need to be clear from the body environment. Food rich in fiber helps to get rid of these wastes. Eat oatmeal, yogurt, unsalted nuts, and whole fruit in breakfast. Have your breakfast within 90 minutes after you get up. The required amount of fiber intake is 25-30 grams so increase your fiber intake accordingly.

Increase frequency of your meals

Rather than starving yourself you can take small meals seven tontine times a day. Try to take 600 calories in breakfast and eat less in succeeding meals. It will help in reducing the waste which your body needs to lose and make your metabolism work more efficiently. Try not to eat after 8 PM. Go to bed early as it will help your body restore the wear and tear caused by the workout.

Change your lifestyle

Avoid sitting at the couch and watching TV as it distracts your mind and is an unhealthy practice. You can go on a walk or jogging while listening music. Music helps you in increasing your focus on your goal. You can take up any sport like swimming, tennis, badminton and practice it in morning or evening time. Do some household stuff like gardening, cleaning which requires physical activity. Try to walk more and make your weight loss goal an excuse for it. Park your car away from your office or takes stairs instead of elevator. Go to grocery shopping by foot or bicycle. Grab every small opportunity which can less your calorie count.

Pamper yourself and burn calories

If you have not reached your goal of losing 5 lbs then you can sweat it out some water weight while sitting in a hot sauna or steam room for half an hour or so. It will definitely reduce the water weight but remember that these results are temporary.

Correct your posture

Rectify your posture and you will lose weight in less time. It will strengthen your core as well as burn small amount of calorie since you will work hard to maintain a right posture. If your shoulders are rolling forward then interweave your hands behind your butt while talking to people. The best way to achieve a perfect posture while sitting, standing or walking is by sucking your belly to your back. Draw an imaginary line from your head to your hamstring and make sure to keep your shoulders and neck in backside away from ears. Try to imagine that you are bound to a string on top of your head which is elongating your spine. In this way you will keep yourself in straight posture and you look slimmer and more streamlined in your middle part of body.

Put off the gas with antigas pill

One of the main reasons of round and extended belly is bloating caused by the simple carbs and enzymes. You can take chewable tablets easily available at the medical stores. It will reduce bloating in the abdomen and break down the gas bubbles found in the alimentary canal of the body. It will make your tummy look flatter.

Sleep some extra

Whether you sleep for 5 or 8 hours, an extra half an hour will refresh you enough and removes the lethargy. The extra sleep will also help in maintain the balance of weight gain causing hormones like cortisol. The better your body will process it, the more weight you will lose.

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