Best Weight Loss Programs – Science Have an Answer of this Question

Best Weight Loss Programs – Science Have an Answer of this Question

Modern lifestyle has its own advantages and disadvantages. At one hand, the life has become easy and fast then on the other hand it has made the human kind lazy and reluctant towards physical activity. Such behavior reflects in the growing number of obesity cases and due to that large industry of health care (exercise equipment, dietary supplements, dietary plans etc) and weight loss has emerged from nowhere. The numerous techniques and varieties confused the customer that what to use and what not. Most of the supplements are not approved by government agencies but they are still in market and same goes with the case of weight loss programs. Many plans are available in market but they are not supported by scientific studies, trials and evidences.

How to Lose Weight by Dieting

Here, we will discuss about the methods of weight loss which are backed up by science

Dig out information about yourself

In this fast paced life, we forget to observe our habits, food intake, activities etc. Before starting the weight loss quest you should research yourself. You can pen down your activities and daily food intake for a definite time span. It will help you in tracking down the patterns and habits that causes inactivity and overeating which you must avoid during your weight loss plan. It is proven scientifically that journaling of your daily activities prepares you mentally for the weight loss mission and helps you in customizing your diet and workout plan.

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Move some more

According to National Academy of Sciences, a person should exercise for 60 minutes a day which was earlier 30 minutes. It is proven that daily exercise cut off the calories and reduces the appetite. If you cannot devote 60 minutes then you can do rigorous exercises like cardio exercise, yoga or weight training or mix of them for 30-45 minutes and rest can be achieved by altering some old habits. Take up some new hobbies like dancing, adventure sports, or anything which requires physical activity. Report of the National Institutes of Health says that the chances of regaining the weight in the absence of consistent workout and healthy diet. So, keep yourself remind that the weight loss is important but maintenance of a fit body is more important.

Calcium can cut weight


University of Tennessee has reported that three servings of calcium rich food can reduce the weight by 50 – 70% as well as strengthen your bones which prevents osteoporosis. The common sources of calcium are dairy products like milk, cheese, curd but if you are sensitive to Lactose then you can take other alternatives like aged cheeses and yogurts with active cultures.

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Increase your protein diet

A research report from University of Illinois states that intake of high quality protein maintains the muscle mass and cut down the body fat during weight loss. It is possible due to an amino acid “Leucine” which retains muscle proteins while helps in losing fat. It is essential to retain muscle during weight loss as it helps in burning up the calories. But one should take protein diet in a controlled manner as large intake of protein can strain the kidneys and triggers the body to lose calcium from bones. It will also prevent the body from absorbing other nutrients hence your diet should contain 15-35% proteins which is within the recommended amount by National Academy of Sciences.

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Avoid long interval meals

Starving yourself or skipping meals are not healthy practices as they cause acidity, bloating, bingeing and makes you tired and less energetic. By maintaining the habit of three meals per day you can control your hunger and appetite. You can divide your meal in more servings but in small portion throughout the day. You can also write down your eating preferences for the day so that you can remain stick to your diet plan.

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Burn calories with breakfast

As per The National Weight Control Registry breakfast is the most important meal of the day as a healthy breakfast can stabilize the blood sugar and hormone levels and enhance the metabolism which helps in burning calories. You can be innovative with your breakfast by adding different nutrients in your breakfast every morning.

Lose Weight Fast

Don’t rush into losing weight

According to a scientific report an average adult gains approximately 1-3 pounds of fat per year and one pound of fat is equivalent to 3500 calories. So, if you are dreaming of losing oodles of weight overnight with those colorful pills or other crash diets then it is very unrealistic. The best way of losing weight is to go slow and steady by shedding 1-2 pounds of weight per week. Strict and healthy diet takes the required calories and burns the extra 500 – 1000 calories per day and if you combine your routine diet plan with physical training then you can easily take off 1-2 pounds per week and maintain it too in long run.

The Search for the Healthiest Diet

Socialize more and remain motivated

According to a research study of Brown University successful weight losers are found to be great support system for the beginners. Teaming up with your buddy for weight loss keeps you motivated and you can track each other progress and warn each other if something goes wrong. If you have no one to team up with then you can join communities and forums where you can share your difficulties and get their experienced suggestion. The brainstorming session helps you in finding your faults and take up some healthy behaviors.

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Include variety of food items

A rainbow on your plate includes colorful fruits rich in vitamins and minerals, veggies which are high in complex carbohydrates and whole grain containing fiber and less calories is good for your body and helps in reducing weight. Whole grain is found to have polynutrients in a research and it helps in preventing diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Take small meals which includes every nutrient in a balanced manner.

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Reward yourself on every progress

Whenever you hit your target of losing 2-3 pounds then reward yourself like going for movies, shopping, pampering yourself at spa. Studies suggest that rewarding practice can boost up your confidence which will help you in preventing from emotional overeating.

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Water helps in weight loss

Research supports the fact that drinking water either before any meal or other times actually helps in weight loss followed by a healthy diet. It helps in energy regulation, thermoregulation and detoxification.

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