Yoga 101: What You Should Know, and How To Start

Yoga 101: What You Should Know, and How To Start

Who doesn’t like to keep fit? Most people adore yoga as a lifetime practice to keep themselves fit and strong. Yoga is a brilliant form of workout that offers flexibility, strength, and mental wellness. It has variable workout modes that facilitate different body types and shapes. When you do yoga regularly, the benefits would be obvious and you would benefit from:

  1. Improved breathing
  2. Increased flexibility
  3. Enhanced posture and self-awareness
  4. Stronger muscles
  5. Lower the risk of lifestyle disorders like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

What should you know about yoga?

When you are all set to start your yoga sessions, you might not be sure of many things. There is a lot more to yoga than being a simple stretch exercise. There are many types of yoga that might fascinate you. You may not know the benefits of retreats that offer yoga along with relaxing treatments from the ancient medicinal practice. Do not be hard on yourself, take time to do your research before you start. If by chance you do not feel that you are up for it, try a new method before you call it quits. As a beginner, it is good to try a Hatha yoga class. If you are an athlete, you may enjoy Vinyasa or Astanga yoga.

What should you keep in mind when you start yoga?

1. Keep an open mind:

It could be daunting to enter a class with yoga practitioners of different levels. Fear not, do not feel intimidated by the yoga class and have a positive attitude. In fact, some people who have tried yoga for the first time have felt inspired by the class size. If it does not suit you, go with a smaller session or an one-on-one training until you are confident about practicing yoga alongside a group. Do not be hard on yourself, just go with the flow.

2. Be prepared:

The first class may or may not hold all your expectations on yoga. Be prepared with an open mind when you start for the first time. You might even expect to fall down when you do your yoga poses, do not feel embarrassed about it. You might never know, most of the people who try yoga for the first time would have definitely lost their balance at least once.

3. Take everything you need:

When you go for your session, it is a must to carry your personal yoga mat. You could also consider taking a bottle of water or light snacks along. A towel and a set of change dress would help you feel fresh after your session. It is important to stay hydrated throughout your session. Avoid jewelry and makeup for your session as it can avoid your skin from feeling refreshed. Most of all, have a positive attitude to get the best out of your yoga session.

4. Enjoy the peace of Savasana:

Savasana is also called as the dead man’s pose. It offers you a relaxed finish to your yoga session. Try not to skip this, if you have to miss it, inform your instructor before the class begins. It is a recovery time to help you regain your composure after all the difficult body movements and breathing workouts. It helps to train your mind to rest and find peace.

You would see significant changes only after yoga becomes a part of your routine. Be patient when you start doing yoga for the first time. Do not feel discouraged if you did not enjoy your first session, you can always try a new kind of yoga and a new studio. Challenge yourself with short-term goals to be consistent with yoga. It will definitely help you in the long run.

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