How to Lose Weight by Dieting

How to Lose Weight by Dieting


In this fast paced world, where nobody has time to stand and stare, the Indian kitchens have made way for the fast food. Pizzas of dominos, burgers of MC Donald’s have managed to invade the normal routine breakfast and dinner. This indirectly has led to the growing problem of obesity in the people. But today when every second is precious and counts, people find it tough to spare time from their daily routines and visit a gym or a park for the morning walk. In such condition, dieting has naturally come as a rescuer. Dieting does not emphasise on missing any of the meals, rather the focus is on healthy eating. Indian kitchen is a mini store roomfor all the healthy diet options. One just needs to plan in a way that desired results are achieved.

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Importance of a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet should comprise of panchtatva i.e carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and proteins. All the five components are just like the five fingers of the hand. All are important to make a complete healthy diet plan. It is good thing to lose weight but not at the cost of health. People try to follow rigorous diet regimes missing out on the important meals of the day. This in turn is harmful for the body as many important nutrients are lost in this process. The results of such fad diets do not last longer. Medically and scientifically it has been proven that one need not starve to lose weight. The energy to carry out daily activities is also provided by a healthy diet.

There are many easy ways to lose weight in a week, easy ways to lose weight at home, easy ways to lose without exercise and easy ways to lose weight fast.

Good Healthy Food List to lose weight

1. A Diet with Low Carbs Level

Sugar and starch the biggest enemies of the person who wishes to lose weight fast and quickly. This is the proven most effective way to lose weight. One needs to make sure that the person doesn’t overeat and eats only till a capacity. Research has shown that sugar and starch increases the craving for food. When a person cuts on this, the appetite is also decreased to an adequate level. A golden rule says that calories count, but one need not count the calories. Research has proven that people on low carb diet shockingly burnt 300 calories a day, and that too while taking rest. This is equivalent to exercising daily for an hour in gym.

2. Say Yes to Fats

Fat and carbohydrate are the two main sources of energy. When reducing on the level of carbs one need not cut on the fats.The low levels of carbohydrates and low levels of fat in the body ultimately lead to starvation. When a low carb diet is being followed, fats that are consumed are burnt for producing energy. This in turn leads to less weight gain. Another option could be snacking in between the meals.

3. Avoid Artificial Carbohydrates

Generally people fall prey to the traps of artificial low carb diet available in the market. Newspapers, social media and websites are flooded with advertisements of low carbs dietary supplements which help in weight loss.One needs to cut on such food items such as fish, eggs, butter, olive oil, potato and bread which are a sourceof natural carbohydrates.

4. Go Green

The fastest way to get a flat belly is to include a lot of green vegetables in the regular diet. Green leafy vegetables are rich source of fibres and are low on carbohydrates. They are a good source of vitamins and minerals which help in developing body’s immunity.

5. Green Tea

A green tea or a lemon tea is a good substitute of the normal tea which is drunk. Green tea is a very good source of antioxidants that are required by the body.

6. Yoga

Yoga is the best and natural way to lose weight and unnecessary flab from the body. The asana of yoga have been tried and tested. They can be done in standing, sleeping or sitting postures. To begin with, one should practice it under a trained instructor or trainer. Besides the effect on the body weight it makes an individual stress free and happy. This indirectly helps to stay fit and active.

7. Regular Check and Monitoring

It is required to regularly monitor your weight and keep a check on it. When you are working so much to lose the unnecessary weight and flab, you should regularly check on the weight using a weighing balance. Measuring tape can help you to know the waist size. Do not think that you will lose weight instantly just after initial weeks of exercising and following a diet plan.

8. Less Fruits

This may sound really strange and astonishing for you people. But a research reveals that the sugar component in fruits is almost 10% of the weight of the fruit. As explained in the first point that sugar is the biggest enemy of a person who wishes to lose weight. If the sugar is consumed in the form of fruit, this would directly affect the utilisation of carbohydrate in the body.You need not curb your love for fruits, eat them occasionally.

9. Avoid Beer

Beer is known to contain carbohydrates which are easily digested. These carbohydrates in turn prevent the utilisation of fat in the body. Dry champagne, red wine and pure spirits such as vodka, cognac are an easy way to lose weight. These drinks are very low on sugar. If you really cannot say no to beer, these are better substitute.

10. A Big No to Artificial Sugar

With televisions flooded with advertisements on sugar substitutes which are almost same as sweet as sugar, people are easily misled. After much scientific research being conducted on the role of these artificial sweeteners in weight loss, it has been found that there is no positive effect on weight loss. Instead artificial sweeteners lead to an increased craving for the snacks. One should not be dependent on these artificial sweetening agents to lose weight, rather once the desired shape is achieved indulge yourself in the natural sweet things.

11. No Stress

An unbelievable fact discloses that higher levels of stress along with low duration of sleep often lead to increased weight. Due to irregular sleep patterns, body is unable to adjust with the changing patterns everytime. Chronic stress leads to secretion of a hormone named as cortisol in the body.This cortisol indirectly increases the craving for food and ultimately leading to an increased appetite. An amusing scientific fact states that sleep deprivation can lead to easily giving in to temptations.

12. Cut On the Nuts and Dairy Products

In case the low carb diet is not providing any visible effects, you should be careful while eating dairy products and nuts. The hormone lactose which is an essential component of the dairy products is found to slow down the weight loss procedure. Dairy products which are rich source of fats such as butters can be consumed in as much quantity as required. They have no adverse effect. Nuts are a very good source of carbohydrates. One should avoid indulging in the tempting nuts.

13. Exercise

If you can spare an hour or so from your busy schedule, try to involve yourself in the daily exercise. Walking home from the bus stop and using stairs instead of lift are considerable myths that state that they contribute to weight loss. One needs to do a morning or evening walk, for almost 30 minutes. Bicycling is also a good idea. It helps to reduce the flab from tummy and the thighs.

14. Hormonal Check-up

Get the hormone levels of your body checked. A test for thyroid hormone tops the list in such case.The imbalance in the hormonal level of body leads to increase in the weight. Such weight gain is not lost even by regular exercises and cutting on the diets.


One needs to make sure that he is just not obese but is healthy. Using healthy cooking habit such as steaming, grilling are good methods to lose weight. Health is a golden crown that should rightfully be owned by each individual. Everything comes with a price. The price of achieving the status of good health comes in the form of a little self-control. Results take time to appear, but you should not lose patience. There may be many companies and products which claim easy ways to lose weight for teenagers, easy ways to lose weight in a week, easy ways to burn calories, easy ways to lose weight without exercise, easy ways to lose weight in 2 weeks, easy ways to lose weight at home, lose weight fast, strict dieting to lose weight. As Rome was not built in a day; weight loss cannot occur in a day. Keep patience, stay happy, eat healthy and the result will be your astonishing new look in a few days.

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