Health Benefits of Coconut Water During Workouts

Health Benefits of Coconut Water During Workouts

Coconut water is a natural drink containing salts, sugar, vitamins and minerals. The coconut water is 100% fat free. It is in fact the best fluid that can be consumed when one is dehydrated. Electrolytes like calcium, sodium, potassium phosphorus and magnesium are found in abundance in coconut water. One can consume coconut water during and after work outs and is the best among all drinks as it has fewer calories and less sugar intake per serving.

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Benefits of coconut water:

Everyone follows many healthy food tips to maintain their body. They exercise and do all possible workouts to cut the extra flab from the body. Coconut water acts as a good supplementary drink compared to other sport drinks that are available in the market. A few benefits are as follows:

Dehydration: It is good to consume fluids, like coconut water, while you are exercising to maintain your hydration and continue being energetic. Since coconut water is fat free and has less sugar compared to other drinks, it is recommended as the best fluid during exercises. When you are dehydrated, you will feel tired and dizzy with body pains and muscle cramps. You will not be in a position to continue with your work outs and this would affect your body. Dehydration is mainly caused because of sweating which again happens because of physical exercises. It is recommended to consume 3 to 8 ounces of fluid every 20 minutes during exercises.

Electrolytes: Coconut water contains electrolytes like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium. We look for healthy food to eat so that we gain all these electrolytes to maintain our body from getting tired and other illnesses. But during the course of our exercises or even while walking at a brisk pace, we tend to sweat. With the sweat we lose all these electrolytes and needs immediate replacement. The best intake would be the coconut water. Delay in taking the replacement could lead to dizziness, muscle cramps, nausea, stiffness, headache and irritability. Plain water consumption does not replace the lost electrolytes.

Natural drink: Coconut water is healthy containing nutrient composition ideal for the fitness enthusiasts who tend to lose all the body energy supplements while exercising. Being similar in composition of blood plasma, coconut water has been used, in many developing countries, as medicinal saline.

The best alternative: If you want to follow healthy living tips, you should compare the coconut water with any of the sports drinks available. It is found coconut water has more nutrients and is about 25 % less in calories. It has only 5 mg of sugar while in the sports drinks you have 10-25 mg of sugar. The drinks contain 37 mg of potassium and 2 mg of calcium while the coconut water has more than 600 mg of potassium and 58 mg of calcium.

We can confidently say and prove that the coconut water is the best alternative to replace the lost electrolytes that may occur during exercises and workouts.

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