List of Sugar and Starch Foods

List of Sugar and Starch Foods

There are certain kinds of foods that one must avoid or consume less in order to have balanced diet and maintain a good fitness regime. These foods are the ones that contain starch and excess amount of sugar, the result of which is that they will add to a lot of calories and make you fat.

Starches also come in two forms. There are some vegetables that contain starch, which are a good source of fiber while there are other starchy foods that are full of calories having no nutrient value. So the best idea of consuming starchy foods is to keep the quantity moderate.

Similar is the case with foods rich in sugar. As much as it is important to consume some sugar during the day, there are some foods that have excessive amounts of sugar, which is not recommended for people, especially those who are suffering from diabetes.

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Let us now go through a list of sugar and starch foods that must be avoided:

  • Fried starch: Foods containing starch are a source of empty calories and if you talk about fried starch foods, then they are nothing but an addition to free fats in your body. This category of foods include:
  • Doughnuts
  • Potato chips
  • French fries
  • Cheese and mozzarella sticks

Instead of consuming fried starch, you should opt for options like grilled fish or steamed chicken. They are much healthier and a much better source of protein.

Spreads and Jams: Spreads and jams are preservatives and contain a very high content of sugar. Marmalades and most jams contain sugar to the extent if 49% and must be strictly avoided, especially by patients suffering from high sugar and diabetes.

Soft drinks: Our lifestyles have become so habituated towards soft drink addiction. Drink powders and soft drinks contain sugar levels as high as 94% and you can imagine what sort of harm it can provide to your system. Even if soft drinks contain zero calories, then the artificial sweeteners used in them are very harmful in the long run. Thus, one must look for substitutes like coconut water or fresh limewater.

Potatoes: Potatoes are considered to be very high in starch. However, doctors recommend having boiled potatoes in your diet. The problem is with fried potatoes in the form of chips or French fries. They must be avoided at all costs as they are very high in calories.

Pasta: Pasta again is very high in starch content. If you really are willing to have pasta, a better option is to go for wheat or brown pasta, which is healthier than pasta that contains starch and Maida and takes a lot of time to digest in our system.

Cookies, cakes and pies: Sugar content in cookies and cakes is the highest and they must be had once in a while. In cakes, the icing that is done is very sweet and adds up to the level of sugar, making it a very healthy food to consume.

Ice creams and milkshakes: Ice creams and milk shakes contain up to 23% sugar and should be had only when you feel like treating yourself some day. They are high in sugar content and especially the flavors that are used in them make the whole food very sweet, a strict no-no for diabetes patients.

Rice: Rice is one starchy food and must be consumed less. This is also true of fried rice, which must strictly be avoided at all costs. The substitutes that are better than normal rice are brown rice or chapattis. They are rich in fiber and fulfill the requirement of fiber in the body, satisfying your taste buds for rice at the same time.

Canned fruits: Anything that is canned or processed is bound be high in sugar or starch content. Instead of having canned fruits that contain about 22% sugar, isn’t it better to consume fresh fruits that are a great source of nutrition to your body? In fact canned juices also contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives, the sugar content of which is as high as 14%.

Chocolate syrup and salad dressing: Sugar level in chocolates is very high and must thus be avoided. The content of sugar in chocolate is as high as 50%. Salad dressing also contains 29% sugar and is not a very healthy option to use as a spread for salads. In fact, you could go in for a better option like dressing made from home made yoghurts, which is anytime more healthier.

Thus, with the above discussion, we can conclude by saying that foods with sugar and starch must be consumed in small quantities or better if avoided altogether, if you want to have a balanced diet to yourself.

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