Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 20

Weight Loss Tips for Women Over 20

The twenties are the best age time of your life when you can achieve the height of fitness since the metabolism tends to decrease with growing age. But you don’t want to follow those weird weight loss ideas, boring diet or any other weight loss tips your mom has used to shed pounds. You are young after all and your body requirements are different than those in their fifties. So here we have come up with some brilliant weight loss tips for women over 20, to make you fit and trim.

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Now or never

Yes, this should be the first rule you should follow if you want to lose weight. Your tomorrow will never come if you keep on reciting that so you have to act on today and make your tomorrow better. You are young and you have a naturally faster metabolism and the only thing you need to do is to maintain its fast pace.

Divide into five

Increase your three meals per day to five meals, but reduce the meal size and replace the plate content. Include healthy fruits and veggies in your daily diet as it will reduce your cravings and replenish your nutrient requirements. The five smaller meals instead of three big ones will make you full throughout the day and this continuous eating will keep your metabolism in top gear. Fruits and veggies have fiber, vitamins and minerals containing components responsible for fat burning and boosting metabolism.

Family or buddy support

Either you are living with your parents or with your buddies at rented apartment, you can always ask them to cooperate with you and support you in your weight loss plan. If nobody buys junk food or calorie rich food, then you can keep a check on your diet in a better way without any cravings. You can also encourage them to eat healthy.

No meal skipping

Meal skipping or starving can be disastrous for your body because if your body sense the lack of food in the system then it will put it in the survival mode means more storage of fat. So, skipping of meals make you gain more weight rather than losing pounds. Small meals throughout the day keep your metabolism in working condition and make it stronger.

Thumbs up for little fun

You are young and you have every right to familiarize yourself with different tastes, but do this practice in moderation. It doesn’t mean that if you loved the chocolate cake then you will have the whole of it alone. ‘Don’t deprive yourself’ should not sound like ‘permitted to overeat’.

Go for grocery shopping

You already know how to shop for clothes and jewelry, then it’s a time to learn something about the kitchen related shopping. So reach for your nearest grocery store and move your shopping cart to the perimeter of the shop since it is the place where all healthy items like whole grains, dairy products, lean meat, fruits and fresh veggies has been kept.

Read the label

If you have no ideas about ready-made healthy items or supplements then watch out for the content label which displays the calorie content and its sources. Look out for the percentage content of fat, proteins and fiber and opt for items rich in fiber or protein content.

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No soda please

Soda contains carbonated water, sugar and flavoring which only add up calories to your belly. Recent studies have found out that this carbonated soft drink can leach out calcium from your bones and it also makes you gain weight 43 percent more than those who don’t have it. So you have to give up your love for soda if you want to lose weight.

Make a list of calorie rich food

If you can’t calculate calories of everything you eat, then just make a list of those items which are high in calories and try to avoid them or if they are necessary then reduce their amount in your daily intake. Just refer the list and skip the counting part.

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Find a company

Doing something alone can become boring, but when you find a buddy which can take part in your activity, then the most boring job can be a fun activity. Ask your friends to accompany you for morning walk or jogging or you can hit the gym and make friends there. You and your gym buddies can share their experiences, give you guidance and motivates you for more workout.

Take proper rest

The women in the twenties are mostly engaged in one or couple of activities like education, job or family and all these things raise the stress level which sometimes cause sleep deprivation. A good night’s sleep gives the required rest to your body and you will feel rejuvenated. Lack of sleep can affect your metabolism by slowing it down. A decreased metabolism makes you energy deprived and therefore you will feel hungry and sleepy all the time.

Sweat it out

The best part of your age is that every function of your body is strong and capable and you just need to give them a push to work properly if you are overweight. If you will work out at the gym or simply run around a park, then your body will respond positively in less time. You can try yoga poses at your home, which makes your body relax and energized at the same time. It also reduces your stress level by its breathing exercises. Exercise along with a healthy diet is a lethal weapon against the weight gain problem.

Do strength training

People with lean muscle mass, burn more calories than those with a fat belly. Lean muscle mass increases the metabolic rate and improve the overall health. You can get it by practicing strength training exercises and it will enhance strength, anaerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscles. It will improve joint and cardiac function, increase bone density, elevate good cholesterol level in blood and affect other body functions in a positive manner. You can do weight lifting, use resistance bands, and perform yoga exercises or get training under professional trainer. Just make sure to indulge yourself into any physical activity of your liking to lose weight.

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