Top 10 Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

Top 10 Habits That Can Help You Lose Weight

“Old habits die hard” it is very true in case of every person who wants to lose weight. Habits are like an addiction which requires lots of motivation and mental effort to get rid of them. Initially, you will find yourself loaded with motivation and you will follow every healthy practice but in due course of time, your motivation will begin to wear off. It can lead you to move back to your old self and the only thing which can save you from bouncing back to your unhealthy lifestyle is replacing your unhealthy habits with healthy habits.

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Motivation may last but habits remain with you until you drop them. Habits need repetition of practice for a long time so that your body can memorize the action and makes a schedule for it. You need not become more disciplined but you have to make your body do healthy things involuntarily. Here we will discuss some simple healthy processes which can replace your old habits and helps you in losing weight as well as living a healthy life.

  1. Plan your meal

You know yourself better than others then you must be aware that when you crave for a chicken burger or when you want a pizza. In order to lose weight, you have to develop a meal plan which covers the high time of your cravings. Always carry some healthy snacks or fruits for the time when you are the hungriest.

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  1. Increase the frequency of your meal

Don’t think that we are encouraging you to eat more, we are suggesting you eat small meals at short intervals. So that your body always feels full and don’t crave for unhealthy items.

  1. Eat your meal at the table

It is very enjoyable to eat while sitting or lying on the couch but it will make you look like a couch means oversize. Start using your dining table and eat from a small plate with enough calories. If you want more food then you have to go back to the kitchen. Wait for sometime before heading to the kitchen. Your mind takes 20 minutes to receive the signal from your belly that it is full. The delayed time helps your body to decide if it needs a second serving or not.

  1. Give attention to your meal

Many people used to do other activities while eating like reading, watching television, working on a computer or laptop or chatting on the phone and many more things. you have to stop if you are doing these activities while eating. These practices can distract you from your meal and sometimes you tend to forget that you have already eaten and you will eat more food in such a case. That is why it is very necessary to concentrate on your plate while eating.

  1. Eat slowly and chew more

We are listening to this two word advice from our childhood but this old advice has its own benefits. It helps in increasing the response of a satiety hormone known as Peptide YY (PYY) and Glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) which gives the signal to your brain that your belly is full while fast paced eating reduces the signal response of these gut hormones which results in dissatisfaction and more eating.

  1. Add raw food at every meal

Make it a habit to include raw vegetable or fruits in your meals like carrots, radishes, oranges, peaches, celery etc. Serve them on a large plate and put it on your dining table. make a rule that you will not finish the meal until the plate is empty. Raw food is rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber which is a good replacement for the high calorie cooked food.

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  1. Drink mainly water

Drink plenty of water and always carry a water bottle with you while traveling. Drink water before and after 30 minutes of every meal which helps you in eating less.

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  1. Say no to white foods

If you take a large number of simple carbs then it will be used up easily and you will feel hungry all the time which leads to overeating. White flour is the major source of simple carbs and most of the junk food contains white flour. It can shoot up your blood sugar level and enhances fat storage. You should replace the white flour with whole grain bread and brown rice.

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  1. Go out with a full belly

Whether you are going for grocery shopping or some get together, make sure that you eat enough calories which can put off the cravings. In the case of grocery shopping, prepare the list of food items in advance. This tip will help you in preventing the impulsive shopping.

  1. Stock up your fridge with healthy food

Replace your junk items like chips, wafers, candies with vegetables and fruits. It helps in controlling your cravings for example, if you want potato chips and you know that you have to go out for it then you may drop the plan of buying it. you can try baked or roasted beans as snacks.

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These are some healthy eating practices which will help you in the long run if you include them in your life as habits. There are also other habits like taking a half an hour walk in the morning or evening, taking up any sport like swimming, tennis etc can also help you in remaining fit. You must do exercise for 30 minutes and if you feel it would be enough for you then you can break the big goals into smaller ones, for example, walking a kilometer thrice a day rather than going on a three kilometer walk at a stretch.

An interesting habit is to check your progress in the mirror instead of the weight scale. If you are actually making any progress then it will be visible in your body shape. Try to fit in your tight clothes every weekend and if you can get into them easily then you have accomplished your weight loss mission. Now, the only job left out for you is to maintain your shape and your good habits will help you in accomplishing that.

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