Tips and Tricks on How To Grow Taller Fast Revealed

Tips and Tricks on How To Grow Taller Fast Revealed

An attractive personality is everybody’s dream. Some people have it in their genes and some have to work hard for it. If you blame your short height on your genes then think again. Have you pushed hard to grow tall in your life and if yes then to what extent. Have you used the correct methods? If you have a doubtful answer about your efforts then don’t regret it because if you are above 20 then you still have fair chances of gaining few inches but if you are still in your teenage then you have awakened at the right time. Readhow to grow taller after 20

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Here, we will tell you some tips and tricks which help you to grow taller in less time, which makes you more attractive:

How to Increase Height After 18, 21 or 25

Eat calcium rich food

You should remember that your body cannot make calcium on its own and this mineral is vital for bones development, strength, and growth. Reduction or lack of this mineral in a body can cause many disorders and ailments such as weak and fragile bones, osteoporosis, arthritis, muscle dysfunction, stunted growth etc. Following is the list of some calcium-rich sources:

  • Seafood

Seafood is the richest source of calcium which supports and maintains the skeletal and muscular framework of the body. You should include various types of seafood like oysters, prawns, shrimps, fish, snails, crabs etc. which helps in strengthening of bones and height gain.

  • Yogurt

It should be noted that your body would not absorb calcium but it requires vitamin D for this job. Calcium and vitamin D percentages are high in yogurt and yogurt derived products like butter, cheese etc. If you have reduced amount of vitamin D in the body then your bones are prone to breaking and you have low bone density. Vitamin D along with calcium helps in maintaining healthy and strong bones which is necessary for your height. Weak bones and muscles give you a hunched back and thus make you look shorter.

  • Spinach

Kid’s favorite cartoon character Popeye is famous for his spinach love which gives him immense energy and makes him tall and strong. Now that is a fictional part but this green leafy vegetable actually has the ability to enhance functions of the body. It is rich in iron, fiber, vitamins, and calcium which are essential for gaining height.

  • Take extra protein in the diet

Proteins are the building block of life and help in the growth of the body. By adding protein-rich food or food which enhances the protein synthesizing process helps you in gaining extra inches. Here is some protein-rich food which you can include in your diet.

How to take Benefits of Protein Diet

  • Carrot

This is generally known as a rich source of vitamin A but it also contains other different vitamins. Eating carrot can help your body to synthesize more proteins which are required for an increase in body growth. You can eat a carrot in its raw form or make juice of it.

  • Eggs

An egg is a rich source of proteins and proteins helps you in growing naturally. Egg whites stimulate the cells to synthesize vitamins in the cells so that body can gain height naturally.

  • Chicken

When you look out for riches protein sources then you should not forget chicken flesh since it contains a large number of proteins which helps in increasing your height effectively. Different part of chicken contains different level of nutrients like lean chicken or chicken breast has a high level of proteins and low-fat level while chicken thigh contains high levels of fat and iron content. You can have chicken in various forms such as boiled or steamed chicken, chicken soup, chicken chunks in salad etc. If you want to enhance the height increasing process then you should include 100 grams of chicken daily in your diet.

  • Oats

Oats and oats starch has a high level of proteins and low-fat content which makes it an ideal breakfast meal. You can include oats in different dishes to enhance its flavor. It helps you in gaining height naturally.

  • Milk

Milk is a complete food in itself since it contains all the vitamins except vitamin C and minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorous etc. When we talk about food which helps in increasing height, we cannot leave milk out of the league. Drinking a glass of warm milk before going to sleep improves your height a lot.

  • Include Lysine rich diet

Lysine is an essential amino acid which helps in promoting height growth that is why you should include lysine-rich food in your daily diet. Fruits, vegetables, fish, beef, lamb, beans, brewer’s yeast, bean sprouts are rich sources of lysine. It is involved in many physiological processes which helps in development and growth of the body. Studies suggest lysine supplements in case of low lysine level in the body. This amino acid takes care of your overall development including mental and physical one as well as natural height gain. The recommended intake of lysine is 30 milligram of per kilogram of your body weight or 13.6 milligrams per pound.

  • Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises work on your muscles of leg, hands, shoulder, and spine. It gives flexibility to your body and lengthens your spine. It also releases the tension in the vertebral column. There is some stretching exercise such as cobra pose, table stretch, pelvic shift, leg stretches etc. which helps in improving your posture and overall physical performance.

Height Increasing Exercises Every Teenager Must Do

  • Hanging

It is the oldest and most effective method, which can teach you how to increase height at any age. It involves stretching of your body and gravitational force. When you hang on support for 15-20 seconds the gravity pulls down your body and in doing so it releases the tension in the vertebral column and thus elongates the spine. You can also add ankle weights for more effective height increase but use them only when you have enough experience in hanging.

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Yoga is the safest technique to gain some extra height. It helps in rectifying your posture as well as stretches your body and thus gives you a maximum height increase. Their deep breathing practice reduces muscle tension, pain and liberates energy.

10 Yoga Asanas to Increase Height and Flexibility

These are some effective height gain techniques but besides that, you have to do little changes in your lifestyle. You have to quit or decrease smoking, alcohol intake, and steroids since these factors halt the body growth. You can use these simple tips and see the results.

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