Height Increasing Exercises Every Teenager Must Do

Tall and handsome is a phrase often used. The height of a person adds to the persona of that individual. People in their teen years are therefore desperate to increase their height. Right from the advertising wherein, they have emphasized the importance of height, it has been the rising phenomenon among teenagers to concentrate on the height increase. Various medicines are available in the market for the same, however, none of them are proven and can have side effects.

height increasing exercises

Exercise, on the other hand, is the best method to increase height. Tag it with a proper diet and it becomes the best method for height increase. Exercise has also various other benefits to the body such as the strengthening of muscles, maintaining a proper body tone etc. Along with your genes, the exercises you do will also be beneficial to help you gain height. Combining these exercises with proper nutrition is a good way to move in the direction of gaining height in teenage years. Teenagers should follow certain lifestyle changes in order to grow taller [1].

Here is our list of exercises for you to gain height:

Bar Hanging Grow Taller Exercise

  1. Bar Hanging

This is the most common and well-known exercise to gain increase height. The bar hanging exercise is effective because of the stretching it provides. The lower body due to top hanging stretches the Spine and decreases the squeezing effect on the vertebra due to gravity. This exercise is very useful and can be done anywhere as soon as a sturdy overhead bar is present. However, like all the exercises this exercise needs to be done continuously. Also, the placement of the bar is also important. If the bar is placed very low it would not provide the sufficient pull that is required. It is absolutely necessary that your body extends fully and provides the stretch, else you can uplift your legs to create the stretch. While doing this exercise make sure you keep your body relaxed.

dry land swim grow taller exercise

  1. Dry land swim

Dryland swimming emphasizes on your lower back. Lay on the ground on your stomach and extend your body in its entirety. Placing your arms in front of you, raise one arm higher than the other alternatively. Do this with your legs similarly. In a nutshell, you have to pretend that you are swimming without water.

Pelvic shift grow taller exercise

  1. Pelvic stretch

Lie on the ground on your back. Place the arms on the ground. Now bend the knees and bring them towards the buttocks and arch your back giving a thrust to the pelvis in the upward direction. This gives flexibility to hips and allows you to stretch more [2].

cobra stretch grow taller exercise

  1. Cobra Stretch

One of the well-known increasing height exercises is a Cobra stretch, it is a yoga exercise, intended to stretch your spine. It basically causes an increase in vertical height. As its name says, to put it in an easy manner, you need to lie on the ground and make a cobra’s shape. Lie on the ground on your stomach, arch your back upwards with your head facing forward [3].

forward spine stretch

  1. Forward Spine stretch

It is one of the grow taller exercises that really works and is easy to do. Sit on the ground or on a mat, extend your legs and touch them with your hands. The tip of the fingers should touch the tip of the toes. If you can do this, try going beyond the toes so that your stretch at your utmost point [4].

seated forward bend pose

  1. Bow Down

Place your hands on the hips and stand straight. Now bend forward as much as you can without losing balance. Do not bend the knees as it will make the exercise redundant. Repeat this according to your convenience. Make sure you remain in the stretched position for few seconds.

forward spine stretch

  1. Forward Bend

You can assume that this is the forward spine stretch exercise in the standing position. It is a well-known exercise and a good method to increase the height when done continuously. Extend your hands up in the air. Now start bending and at last touch your toes. If some of you cannot touch your toes try stretching exercises to increase height to your fullest. If you can easily touch the feet, you can try stretching even more. [5]

The above list gives you the simplest exercises that can be done in order to increase your height quickly. Combining these exercises with proper diet and a healthy lifestyle will surely show you the results.

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