Weight Loss Tips for Women before Attending any Party or Wedding

Weight Loss Tips for Women before Attending any Party or Wedding

Any celebration is incomplete without an awesome buffet of salty delights, sugar filled treats and adult beverages. It gives immense pleasure to share jokes, gossips, laughter while gorging on tasty food. But if you are on a weight loss plan then any party or wedding celebration can put a wrench in your plan. When you are surrounded by your loved ones, then you cannot say no to any offering from them or raise a toast to the host and what will happen if you turn down the offer of having a piece of wedding cake. If you don’t want to get embarrassed in such situation and thinking about how to escape from those calories in the party without hurting anyone then the solution is just ahead of you.

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Here are six simple tips which can help you in staying away from calories before and during the party or wedding.


Motivate yourself

If the upcoming event is a special occasion for you, like sibling wedding or engagement party, then use it like a motivation for your weight loss and customize your weight loss program considering the time you have before the final day. Set small goals like losing 5 – 7 pounds a week and develop the diet and workout plan accordingly.

Choose your calories

Keep a tab on your dietary habits for a week and note it down in a journal. Look out for the high calorie food in your daily eating and replace them with its healthy version. Calculate your calorie requirement by using the online calorie calculator and plan your meals accordingly.

Drink plenty of water

This is the universal tip for health loss, but you must cut down your intake of salt because sodium has water retention properties and drinking water along with sodium intake can increase your weight. You can take food items which are rich in water content like fruits, vegetables, soup, buttermilk, flavored water etc.

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Eat healthy

You should follow a healthy meal plan which contains at least five small meals a day and it will boost up your metabolism. You will tend to burn calories at a much faster rate. Your body will utilize the nutrition from the food in hair growth and rectifying other flaws in the body like dull skin, brittle nails, hair problems, etc. You should eat complex carbs, replace bad fat with good fat, include veggies and fruits in your daily diet and eat at small intervals.

Workout before attending any event

This is true that you have to eat some calorie rich food at the party or wedding or any event, then make some room for those calories by burning up the existing ones. You should take up exercises like running, walking or do some cardio exercise at home. Burning up your calories before the special event helps you in controlling your temptations as well as reminds you not to deviate from your weight loss goal. If you give, you excuse like “I will do it tomorrow” then you should be aware that you will have a double amount of calories till that time. If you start the workout before the time of party or wedding, then you will be able to tone up your body till the D-day.

Take proper rest

If you want to attend the special occasion with a natural glow on your face and not a face masked by the bulk of makeup then giving yourself proper rest is a prerequisite. It helps you in rejuvenating the body and lower down the stress level. It also helps in correcting your body clock or circadian cycle, which helps in weight loss and enhance the overall fitness of the body.


Never go to parties with empty stomach

If you go to party without eating anything beforehand, then you are more likely to overeat at the party out of temptation and hunger. To avoid such situation, you should eat something healthy before going to the party. If your stomach will remain full then it will put off the cravings and you will eat less.

Indulge but don’t overeat

Party or wedding should be a chance for indulgence, but not a whole day of indulgences. Choose among a sinful main course, alcoholic beverages or dessert rather than indulging in all three. If you have to attend several events in a day, then rotate your choices. Choose walnuts, almonds, pecans and eat slowly and it will help you in ignoring the salty delights like peanuts and cashews. You can substitute your alcoholic drink with sparkling water with a tinge of lime, fruit juice or vegetable juice dashed with chili sauce.

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Hold your drink

If you will be standing empty handed in the party, then you will likely to get invites for a round of drinks from friends and relatives. To avoid such situation, just get a drink and hold it throughout the event. In this way you will mingle with party and converse with other people with little sips in between and nobody will offer you another drink. This will also make it less convenient for you to reach for food.

Tell others to remind you

It is obvious that you will have some known person around you in the party or wedding like husband, boyfriend, brother or sister, parents, friends and colleagues and you can always ask them for help to remind you if you reach for more servings in the party. By telling others you will put a check on you and it will also make you more conscious about your choices in the party.

Be smart at Buffet table

Try to fill three quarters of your plate with fruits and veggies which are high in fiber and other nutrients, but don’t consider the pumpkin pie and chocolate covered strawberries as veggie or fruit. Satisfy yourself with only one serving and don’t circle the food on the buffet table like a vulture. You are more likely to crave if you look around for options. Serve yourself with healthiest option available at the party and have a seat. Eat slowly and take time to chew the food properly and take a 20 minute gap if you are thinking about the second serving. Your brain takes time to register the fullness of stomach after receiving a signal from it. Fiber and proteins from the fruits and veggies will make you full enough if you have already eaten before the party.

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