Right Time, If You Want to Break Up?

Right Time, If You Want to Break Up?

You must be in a relationship (an unhappy one, maybe) if you are reading this post or it is possible that you are reading this out of curiosity that why the relationship ends. Well, whatever the reason you have, you must be aware deep down in your heart that break up is not a right thing to do but sometimes we have to make choices in our favor. So, if you are feeling that your relationship is not working anymore after putting a lot of efforts to revive it then you should be ready to quit it. But how will you decide that it is the right time to break up the relationship?

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Everything is drying up

There was a time when your relationship was fresh and blooming with love and passion, but now your partner doesn’t want to spend time with you and forget about the other soft feelings. You are feeling that you are living with a stranger under one roof.

You have left in your social life

If you feel that you have given up everything for this relationship like you stopped talking to your BFFs to spend time with your boyfriend/girlfriend or always given priority to him/her over your near and dear ones and your partner has no value for your sacrifices then it is a right time to part your ways.

Constant arguments

Earlier there was teasing, flirting and small fights which you would forget when you say sorry to each other, but if you are fighting regularly even on small topics and you are not at fault most of the times, then it is a time to tell your partner that he/she can do all the fighting alone because you are going away.

No future together

If your partner doesn’t seem to be interested in discussing future planning like starting a family or investing in something and you come to know that he/she is making his/her way in another direction then there is no reason of burdening yourself or your partner with a failed relationship.

Reduced family attachments

When we love someone, then we love everything related to him/her and partner family is the most crucial aspect of your loved one’s life. So, if you think that he and his family is increasing distances with you or your family or vice versa, then you should know that the bond has very slim chances of mending.

No response from your partner

You have tried everything to bring the life back into your relationship, but every time you partner let you down. If you tried to stay away from him/her and still gets no response in return like a request for coming back or any messages and on top of that your partner is actually enjoying his/her life without you then it should be considered as the final nail in the coffin.

Cheated by your partner

A break up is much better than living with an unfaithful partner because you will feel the betrayal with every sight of him/her. If you have caught your partner while cheating on you then break with him/her as soon as possible to reduce your agony. Read post –Signs If your partner is cheating you