Yoga Zone: Introduction to Power Yoga for Beginners

Yoga Zone: Introduction to Power Yoga for Beginners

Yoga zone is famous for its DVD programs which are easy to follow and fits into your tight schedule. Many people who have used its product feel that it is the best information provider if you try to practice yoga at home and offers detailed instructions on posture and breathing practices. The background layout and music in the video is beautiful, calm and relaxing which encourage and motivates you with each session. Although, this program from yoga zone is suitable for every level, but if you have some prior knowledge of yoga, then it will be more beneficial because poses flows at a continuous pace in this program which can be a bit difficult to understand if you are totally new to yoga. All over this is a good program on power yoga with a mild approach and you can easily add it in your exercise routine.

Yoga Zone Benefits

  • Two 20 minute sessions easily fit into your schedule.
  • Learn power yoga without breaking into a sweat.
  • Easy poses with clear, detailed and proper instruction.
  • Can be performed by person with any level of fitness, e.g. patients recovering from injury or having physical limitation or just started exercising routine.
  • Nice introduction to power yoga.


  • Very basic and mild content of power yoga.
  • You should have some experience or knowledge of yoga in order to understand the content.
  • The presentation of poses is a little bit fast which doesn’t allow sufficient time for pacing breathing.
  • It will take some time to keep it up with the exercises and you have to pause and play to get used to the poses.


The DVD program is about 40 minutes long and divided into two 20 minute workout sessions which focuses on the link between breath and movement. Both parts of the program contain connected series of poses, which is also known as Vinyasa. The first session of the program offers the introduction and fundamental knowledge about the poses of power yoga and includes standing poses like mountain pose, warrior I and II poses, lunges, twists, side stretches and camel backbend. Total beginners who have no knowledge of yoga are likely to find the downward dog and plank position a little challenging and demanding but after few practices you will find it easy to do.

The second session is purely devoted to power yoga but without the sweat part because this program has considered the mildest and basic approach of power yoga. This section demonstrates downward dog pose, twists, stretches like standing side stretch, forward bends and lunges. The instructor Lisa Bennet has done a very good job by demonstrating each pose with detail instruction and proper breathing pattern to be followed. The menu option on the DVD allows you to select either part of the program or the particular poses within them and thus gives you a freedom to customize your workout routine at your pace.


This is a very good DVD if you want to try power yoga and knows nothing about it, but it does require some prior knowledge of yoga from your side. It is not like the rigorous workout of power yoga, but involves a mild session of twists, stretching and bending of the body which is helpful for those who have physical limitations. Regular practice of these power yoga poses will improve your fitness level after a few weeks from the beginning. It will seem a little bit demanding at the starting but you will find it easy when you keep following it.

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