How to Stop Craving for the Snacks

How to Stop Craving for the Snacks

Do you often find yourself with a packet of snack while watching your favorite program on TV or for that matter even while sitting idle? Then coming out of this habit is surely going to be a big challenge for you. But if you have finally decided to come out of this craving, you can follow these simple steps and succeed in overcoming the urge to snack.

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Start eating chewing gum

Whenever you feel an urge to have snacks, eat chewing gums (preferably without excess sugar) and you will find that it proves to be of great help. Moreover, it allows you to stay for longer duration even without snacks.

Brush your teeth

It has been psychologically found out that many times we eat snacks just because we feel bad flavor in our mouth. To eliminate that flavor we prefer having snacks. It is advisable to brush teeth whenever you feel bad taste in your mouth. Who would want to have snack on brushed teeth? Try this highly effective method.

Drink Water

If you will consult a nutritionist you will be told that sometimes when you feel hungry and craving for snacks, actually the body needs water more than food at that point of time. It is this necessary that in those times instead of taking snacks take a glass of water and you will find yourself satisfied and free of any cravings. A glass full of water will help you get rid of the desire to snack for some time.

Take tea or coffee

If you have not tried till now, it is time to try taking either tea or coffee while you have the urge to snack because it gives miraculous results and kills your snacking desire. It makes you feel full and is great for those who actually like having them. Moreover, if you also want to lose weight along with curbing snacking, take herbal tea and low fat drinks to get better results.

Talk to your friend or family members

Sometimes you want to snack just because you want a break. What can be better than talking to someone you really like? It can be your friend or someone from your family. The time you were supposed to give to snacking now goes to the conversation and after the talk is over many a times you are no more left with the desire to snack any more. On top of that the talk leaves you happy and satisfied.

Take a short walk

: It is quite possible that you have the craving for snacks when you are sitting idle, watching television or even working for long hours. As soon as you have this urge, get up and go for a short walk or for that matter pick up your bike and go for a short ride. Above all, this will also help you in body movement, calorie control and maintaining fitness.

Start hand work

It is said that if you let your hand stay idle, it will go towards snacks. So whenever you get the craving for snacks try and take up some hand work. It may be handicrafts or typing or for that matter if you are interested in playing instruments, go for that. You will not think about snacking if your hands are busy in some other work.

Sleep Well

Nutritionists say that sleep plays an important role in your urge to snack. When you sleep less a hormone called cortisol is released which makes you want more and more food. If you want to get rid of the cravings try sleeping for 6-7 hours every day.

Eat small meals at regular interval

Instead of eating big meals once a day, you are advised to take small meals at regular intervals and it will help a lot in curbing your desire to snack because your stomach will be full and you will not feel hungry.

Chose healthy alternative

If you want to get back into shape, it is very necessary that you opt for a healthy option to take during break rather than ignoring the urge to snack. Because in that case sooner or later you will find yourself with a packet of snack in some time. Instead of snacks have fruits or for that matter you can take yoghurt.

If you are really serious about getting rid of this unhealthy habit of snacking, this is the right moment. Follow these simple steps and discover the new you, the person you always wanted to be.