Gorgeous Blue Hair Color Ideas – Inspired by the Instagrammers

Gorgeous Blue Hair Color Ideas – Inspired by the Instagrammers

Baby Blue Hair Side Pose

Life is too short of having boring hair. A blue hair color ideas brighten up the face and bestow freshness elite feeling every day. Whether its winter or summer, the baby blue hair shades flaunt your elegant and chic style.

Baby blue color mixed with platinum blonde hair shade pops out a very cool and soft look. Casual or occasion, winter or spring, the baby blue with pastel shade illuminates a perfect fresh look without even doing makeup.

A group of hair color experts reflected a very vibrant and rich hair shade. Influenced by aqua mermaid color, as the mermaid era is back, whether its makeup or hair color.

Carolina Blue hair color highlights the aqua blue color. This shade will perfectly go with soft and nude makeup. A mix of aqua, turquoise, and little light blue shade gives a very fresh and winter-like feeling.

Cornflower Blue Hair Front Pose - Gorgeous Blue Hair Color Ideas

Trendy, classy, and stylish defines this dark blue hair color. A pure blend of grape and violet shade lightly highlighted with peachy gives you a chic and high-class look.

This hair color shade fits perfectly for those tomboys and girls with short hairs. Nevertheless, everyone will look dark eye makeup, cornflower blue hair.

Indeed, a ready to go or back to school kind hair shade. Fresh, simple, and classic hair color shade for every simple girl, suits for a casual day out or party-night.

The admixture of light to slightly dark blue shade is ideal for a college girl to working women. The dynamic hair color shade that outgoes with nude, light, or dark makeup. So girls, get ready to flaunt your hair and to be called “Blue Hair Color Girl.

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Braque dark blue shade pops out to be a trendsetter and a part of the neon world. Represents a jazzy, vibrant and strong color,

As neon is ruling the styling world, electric blue hair constitutes strong and women out there. Beige, light pink, or nude lippie will apt classy and elegant look.

Indigo – a color that defines creativity and out of the box. Indigo is even a darker version of electric blue, but concerning hair color, it stands out.

Deep, wild, and dark blue hair color concerns every skin type. The full black attire, dark brows, shell-pink lip, and now you are ready to rock every occasion.

A cool and icy shade recreates the look of Elsa from Frozen. Light blue hair color highlights constitute fresh and brighten up your winter look.

Platinum or silver-blonde, dark roots, flaunt the chic look which radiates frosty look even in summer. The light blue hair shade brightens and lightens your day, worthy for every hairstyle, fits every makeup look and attire.

Dark blue hair color is mixed with a tint of dark blue and purple shade. Rich in colors represents boldness and creativity, creates a classy and luxurious look for every skin color.

The elegant and flashy shade looks good with every makeup look but steer clear of dark, and look for light and pastel outfits.

A deep blue hair colors that change the subtle and simple look. Superior, fancy, and premiere shade, which can be molded into light blondes or dark roots.

Substantially, the celeb hairdresser prefers creating dark and deep roots with yellowish or pastel makeup look. Navy hair especially suits brown and warm complexion.

A half n half trendy hair colors look loved and preferred by celebs and IG influencers. Very subtle and simple hair color shade perfectly suits the casual routine, yet the style is elegant.

The half n half style can be soft front bangs, dark blue color highlights or only one-sided color, light blondes or pastel, dark black roots, the way you want.

Persian Blue Hair Front Pose - Gorgeous Blue Hair Color Ideas

They say, blue hair color looks boring after some time, but the Persian blue hair isn’t boring. Persian blues are an example of creative and cheerful looks that anyone can flaunt.

The Persian blue hair includes dark roots then slightly turning light towards the end. It generates a powerful and flashy look suitable for every outfit, complexion, and hair type.

Slight light blue color, dark roots, and electric waves generate a very classic and elegant look. The deadly combination of ice and electric is very perfectly beautifying, and horizontal highlights make them look fresh and casual.

This blue hair color idea of creating a soft and fresh look brightens the summer look and radiates the spring and ethnic vibes.

A shinier, glowing dark blue color radiates a Deluxe and flamboyant look. The dark blue-black shade changes hair into the rich and deep black with slight tints of blue.

It suits those who have natural shiny black or brown hair. This hair color is considered on special occasions and not office-friendly or casual.

Royal blue hair is a perfect retro vibe color shade; consider yourself a queen of ice ages and the rich deep blue hair your crown.

The all stylish, high-class, and blue hair color shade is perfect for those who love white outfits. Comfortable for all the skin type but not go with heavy and dark makeup.

As the rainbow colors are trendy, the experts created a shade and style influence by it. Slight greenish, purples, light blues, and dark roots make the lookout of the stand.

The transition from dark roots, light blue, and teal center to greenish ends compel the looks very frilly and swish. Mermaid eye makeup, peachy lip, and simple attire suit the look perfectly.

A light blue, fresh, and soft color, yet elegant with a tinted blue, make them look subtle and classy. The perfect combination of silver and sky blue shade makes look even brighter and gorgeous.

Pink blush, brown freckles, neutral makeup with dark eyeliner will embrace your casual looks.

The combination of sea green and a tint of blue come out to be very hot, still fresh. It shows the teal color. Dark roots and light teal ends to make them look very gradient. Dark brows, orange blush, casual fitted outfits, and you are good to go.

A gradient, rich, and dark blue hair color that is influenced by midnight blues, with a tint of cyan and purple shade. The same dark texture from roots to ends, contrasting light shade in the center, create a fanciful and ornamental look. The hairdressers also add a tint of indigo shade for a gradient effect. This hair outgoes perfectly with any outfit and makeup but not dark and heavy.

The silvery blue, fluffy hair represents a perfect spring day. An embellished hair color shade that assembles icy, metallic, and pastel blue that is dark from roots but fades away to the end. Azure hair suits every skin complexion, especially a warm skin tone. An off-white or light outfit with a dark lip will enhance your look. Please check the red hair color shades’ ideas & green hair color shades’ ideas here.

Hope you have found these blue hair color ideas very attractive like I do. What do you want us to share next?

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