Top 141+ Red Hair Color Styles, You Can Follow 2023

Top 141+ Red Hair Color Styles, You Can Follow 2023

How many of you are fond of coloring your hair in various shades to look different and more beautiful with the passing years? How many of you have dyed your hair red or already have red hair?

How do you feel about it? Red is one of the best colors for hair but there are just too many hair color styles that often confuse us and we tend to make a mistake in choosing the right style for our hair.

If you don’t want to make this mistake when you are planning to dye your hair red then read this post till the end.

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Now we will be revealing the different red hair color ideas:

  • Ginger Orange
A woman in black dress posing for selfie and showing her Ginger Orange hair color - red hair color 2022

Orange is quite a common color for dyeing your hair, but when mixed with a copperish brown colour, it turns out to be that warm, soothing color tone that suits every skin tone.

  • Front Streaks
A women in off shoulder black dress showing her Front Streaks - hair color 2022

This style combines two cozy color tones of orange and chocolate brown. These orange-colored flicks in the front complement the hint of hazel color. Isn’t it?

  • Coral Copper
A women in white cut sleeves top showing her Coral Copper hair color - dark red hair dye

This combination of light pinkish coral of dark roots with subtle light ends gives the overall hair color a natural-looking dimension.

  • Mahogany Blonde
A women in cut sleeves top showing her Mahogany Blonde hair color - red hair color with highlights

This shade has tan and gold touches with a hint of pale pink, making it extraordinarily beautiful and natural. Moreover, its warm and chill nature makes it favorable for varieties of skin complexion.

  • Orange Sherbet
A women in skin color and stones dress showing her Orange Sherbet hair color - red hair color shades

Even the name seems to be tempting, right? This is a medium orange with a golden sunshine undertone. These locks are rosy and perfect for carrying in warmer weather!

  • Auburn Pop
A girl in grey top wearing mask and showing her Auburn Pop hair color - red hair color ideas

The stunning shade of auburn was created from mixing cinnamon brown and auburn hues. It looks so soft and natural!

  • Cranberry Red
A Women in red jacket smiling and showing her Cranberry Red hair color - bright red hair color ideas

This curly queen has gone for the dark red cranberry shade with an ombre effect. Dark roots paired with brighter pops on the ends bring lots of fun and work amazingly with dark skin tones.OUR

  • Flaming Copper
A women in golden strappy dress with jacket posing for camera and showing her Flaming Copper hair color - red hair color 2022

Copper is a combo of ginger or red hair that is bright, metallic, and fun. It looks more natural than true red hair, but it still has all that attractive drama.

  • Vibrant Fire Engine Red
A smiling girl in black top with matching necklace showing her Vibrant Fire Engine Red hair color - hair color 2022

From mermaid swirls to sleek and straight bobs cut to waist-lengths, fiery reds never fail to prove that you can never be too bright with red!

  • Coral Red
A women in black floral printed dress showing the side view of her Coral Red hair color - dark red hair dye

This summery light shade and fresh traditional red mixed with hues of bright pink is extraordinarily gorgeous. It is the absolute blend of all the warm tones and suits many skin tones.

  • Bright Strawberry Red
A women in blue denim jacket showing the side view of her Bright Strawberry Red hair color - red hair color with highlights

Strawberry Red color is a beautiful mix of a warm poppy pink and a coppery red. A color similar to this is quite adaptable and can be enhanced to go with your skin tone or the season.

  • Wine Red Hair Color

Play with a colorful contrast in your dark hair by choosing wine-red highlights in the black hair. Then, pair them with a simple, sleek, straight style if you have long hair or a beachy wave look while opting for a shorter hairstyle. Then, let the color do the talking!

  • Violet Red Hair Color

Violet Red is a bold hair color tone that has a glimpse of red and violet infused together. This trail-blazing look gives off a strong and mature womanly vibe that will surely attract everyone’s attention, so be ready to stand out!

Red Hair Color Shades

  • Copper
copper hair - red hair color ideas

This is one of the popular red hair color shades and just gives a very bright and shiny look to your hair as you can see in the above picture.

  • Auburn
Auburn Red Hair Color

Auburn is a slightly darker shade of red that contains a pinch of brownish color. It looks great if your skin complexion is fair.

  • Cherry

All of you must have seen the color of cherry. Imagine your hair to resemble the color of the cherry that most of us love to eat. It looks adorable, right?

  • Burgundy
Burgundy Red Hair Color Ideas

Now, after looking at all the pictures it is difficult to understand the tone difference. If you can see carefully, this is one of the darkest shades of red.

  • Ruby Red
Ruby Red Hair Color

Ruby is a very shiny stone that all of us love to wear on our ornaments. This ruby color shade gives a bright shine to your hair as well.

  • Ombre
Ombre Red Hair Color

How many of you just couldn’t get your eyes of the shade above? It is one of the brightest shades of red and is surely a very attractive one.

  • Mahogany
mahogany red hair color

This shade is a perfect blend of brown, black and red and looks slightly blackish red as you can see in the picture above.

  • Rose Gold
Rose Red Hair Color

As you can guess by its name, it is a mixture of red and golden color. It gives a royal appearance to the person and makes her stand out in the crowd.

  • Velvet
Velvet Red Hair Color Ideas

I am sure most of you must have touched velvet material. It looks very soft, shiny and appealing. So try this shade of red and you’ll definitely love it.

Red Hair Color With Highlights

The above picture portrays red hair color with golden highlights alternatively.

The highlights in this picture on red hair are highly outstanding and perfect for our daily l

Highlights need not always be of entirely different colors. We can even get highlights of different shades of the same color as you can see in the above picture.

If you really don’t want to showcase your highlights to a great extent and want just decent ones then you can get brownish highlights as in this picture.

Red hair accompanied by very light golden highlights are in trends and loved by a majority of the women across the globe.

If your hair color is a bright shade of red then you can try the above highlight which is slightly orangish and different.

The purple highlights are one of the best colored highlights and look very attractive and eye-catching on dark red colored hair.

This is a very simple highlight style and you can adapt this by using a dark color for the above hair and coloring the remaining hair strands red.

Black is one of the most royal colors and the combination of black and red have always been preferable by people all over the world.

This is another perfect highlight combination of yellowish golden color on red hair strands that just make them look shiny and bright.

Dark Red Hair Dye

This is one of the best dark red shades and after looking at the above picture I am sure all of you must be willing to dye with this color.

This is a dark red dye that most of the Indian women demand and get their hair look more beautiful with this shade.

If you wish to get your hair dyed on with a single shade then this dark red shade would just look great.

Again, this contains a mixture of red and black but in this one the red shade is slightly bright.

In this dye, the ratio of red color is much higher than the black color and so it looks magical on women.

The shade in the above picture is a brownish red shade in which brown color is higher than the red one.

The dye in the above picture is a perfect one if you are an artist and usually perform on in front of a huge audience.

131+ Images of Red Hair Color Styles

This is a dark shade of red but in this one the tone is slightly brighter and pinkish.

Is the red color visible in this above picture? Doesn’t this shade look highly attractive? If you are fond of red color then you must definitely try this shade.

Last but not least, this shade looks like a pearl on the head and gives your hair a silky and dynamic appearance. Please check the green hair color ideas here.

Which red hair color shade according to you is the best? Please comment below. Don’t forget to like and share this post if you find this helpful.

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