Famous Indian Celebrities with OCD

People suffer about certain things that they need in a perfect manner. If they do not obtain things the right way, they lose calm and get anxious. Our Indian celebrities are no different because they suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder for a variety of stuff that they need as desired. Abbreviated as OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder is a sort of anxiety disorder. Individuals with OCD always need to ensure things repeatedly. They also have certain thoughts and do unnecessary rituals and routines again and again. In some cases, they possess an obsessive requirement for precision and order. Take a quick glance at some Bollywood celebrities suffering from OCD.

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1. Deepika Padukone:

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Dipsy is very fussy to keep things organized because anything kept in an unregulated manner makes the actress very tensed. She does not encourage any disarrangement of stuff [1].

2. Priyanka Chopra:

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She involves herself in the work that she takes on. When it comes to any character, which she undertakes in the movie, she honestly drives herself to the point of no return. Don’t know, whether it is OCD or not, but it is certainly a dedication [2].

3. Kareena Kapoor:

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The b-town Begum is extremely obsessed with being in shape. While becoming an actress, she loses oodles of weight because she cannot bear any excessive pound on her body. That is why she becomes restless by doing rigorous yoga and workout [3].

4. Ajay Devgan:

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He does not utilize his fingers while eating, as he avoids utilizing his hands and instead, use a fork, spoon, or a knife. When he eats roti and dal, he uses a spoon and fork. Also, he avoids handshaking with anyone because germs pass through [4].

5. Akhtar:

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Akhtar is one of the celebrities with OCD instructive thoughts. Having OCD, he spoke about his thrill when things regulated in a certain way [5].

6. Sunny Leone:

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Sunny Leone was seen cleaning her feet so many times. Leone washes her feet every 15-20 minutes using water. This is what we called as OCD [6].

7. Vidya Balan:

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She is also one of the celebrities who suffer from OCD. Right from her vanity van to home, She needs everything spic & span. She is very specific about cleanliness. As the actress cannot tolerate any kind of dirt, she gets herself into the cleaning process [7].

8. Preity Zinta:

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She is another cleanliness freak. Preity wants her bathroom to be cleaned completely even after and before use. She always assures that it is a clean bathroom [8].

9. Imran Khan:

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He is also a cleanliness freak because he wants his spoons and plates cleaned before he utilizes them. Apart from the food & cutlery, he assures that his bedroom is very clean. He needs a well-kept room and clean linen [8].

10. Ayushmann Khurana:

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He admits that he is suffering from OCD because Ayushmann washes hands repeatedly. He always wants his nails and hands to look clean. Throughout our day, we perform many different activities with our hands and even, we pass germs when shaking hands with others. The actor definitely does not want this germ passing so that he keeps his hands washing over and over again [9].

Just like common people, our Indian celebs too have certain crazy OCD about perfection, cleanliness, and turning overweight.

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