Healthy Living: Expectations vs. Reality

Losing weight can be a challenge for many. One main reason for this struggle is the procrastination put into the process making it difficult to lose the desired weight in time for an event. When the seasons begin to change, many decide to lose weight before less clothing is worn and they can’t hide their extra pounds. The problem is not starting early enough and soon those clothes in the closet are changing, but the weight has not.

Another problem is thinking you have only a few pounds to lose, and it will be easy to shed them. This mistake comes from not realizing it takes more than a few days or weeks to drop the pounds you need.

If you are looking to drop a few pounds, these tips will help you realize the difference between expecting to lose weight and the reality of actually dropping those pounds.

Healthy Living: Expectations vs. Reality 1

It Takes More Time Than Expected

The reality of losing weight is that it takes more time than you expect. There are many outside influences in our daily life; it makes losing weight difficult. These influences make it easy for you to become distracted from your goals.

You may start out strong and able to ward off temptations, but as time goes on, those temptations begin to overpower your determination to eat healthily. Cravings and hunger will start to set in making your will-power wain, and the idea of quitting becomes increasingly stronger.

There is a way to get past this time frame and a way to continue eating healthier to make your diet successful. The first thing is to understand that it will happen and you will encounter a ‘stall’ period within a short time after beginning your new diet. You have to expect for the stall in progress to occur and plan how you can overcome it.

Water Weight Comes Off First

Water weight is the first loss and will give your confidence a boost when you see the difference it makes on your body. Unfortunately, it will become harder after this initial loss and fat will take much longer to come off. Remember that while fat does not come off as fast; it does come off and takes more effort on your part to continue working on healthier eating and exercise.

What is the Reality for Weight Loss?

When deciding it’s time for you to lose a few pounds, determine exactly how much you really want to shed. If you have chosen to drop from one to two pounds a week with proper diet and exercise, you are starting out on the right track.

This amount of weight loss per week does depend on your total weight loss expected. Those who are lean may only want to lose four pounds total, so losing half a pound a week is more realistic. But the general expectation for a healthy diet and sensible weight loss is to plan on one to two pounds per week. This expectation can result in losing as much as ten or even twenty pounds after ten weeks of consistent dieting.

How to Plan for Long-Term Success?

Planning to lose weight for the change in seasons, or for a special event coming up in your life, means you have to diet correctly.

  • Count your calories– This is a fundamental process when dieting. You have to know how many calories you’re consuming on any diet. Keep these numbers written down and make it part of your daily schedule to add them up as you go along to see how many are being consumed in one day. Another valuable piece of information to record is how many calories you are burning through your exercise program. Compare the numbers at the end of each day to ensure you remain within your targeted goal.
  • Measure– Don’t rely on your mirror and scale to be the only judges of your achievements. Keep accurate measurements to make sure you are experiencing progress. Measure your hips and waist to see your progress is resulting in your body becoming smaller.
  • Resist a Crash Diet– Choose a reasonable timetable to lose your desired weight. Trying to lose too much weight in too short of time will only make your life miserable and set you up for failure easier. Choose a mild calorie diet, perhaps around 500 calories a day or slightly less and allow for a few fun foods such as pizza or maybe a doughnut. If you are not too strict on yourself and allow for a reasonable time frame to lose your weight, it will make it easier to succeed.

One excellent piece of reality is; food is a short-lived stimulation for boredom. When you become bored, don’t use food as a means of ending the mood. Find new activities to prevent boredom and don’t use food as an escape. You can fix dull and uninteresting moments without turning food.

Another source for weight loss tips is . You can find helpful information to make informed decisions regarding diet plans along with products to safely shed the pounds you desire. Dieting can be a challenge, but with the right plan and proper guidance, you can lose weight safely and effectively.

You are in charge of your body and your health. Follow these ideas to plan your diet and understand the difference between what you can expect versus what can be the reality when dieting. Planning properly will help you reach a successful weight loss and obtain a healthier you.

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