Does Lordosis Decreased Height

What is Lordosis & Flat Back Syndrome?

The flatback syndrome is generally a condition denoting the lower spine, which loses its normal curvature. In other words, it is a type of front-to-back imbalance or sagittal imbalance in the spine. Basically, the spine has many gentle front-to-back curves. The lower spine has an inward curve or lordosis whereas the middle spine has an outward curve or kyphosis and the cervical spine has a lordosis. Usually, these curves work in harmony in order to keep the gravity of the body aligned over the pelvis and hips. The center of gravity will be put far away if the lower lordosis is lost. This seems to be the condition in flatback syndrome [1] [2].

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Does lordosis decreased height?

The length of the axial skeleton and the long bone of the lower extremity determine an individual’s height. A deviation from the normal curvature would alter the height of individuals. This leads to the overall decrease in an individual’s height. If you can discover a way to reduce lumbar lordosis, you can theoretically change your height [3].

Is it Possible Straightening of Lumbar Lordosis?

Yes, straightening of lumbar lordosis is now possible without surgery. Initially, physicians recommend non-operative measures that include physical therapy such as exercise, pain medications, and gait & posture training. If structural issues arise as an outcome of lack of curvature or if non-operative measures fail to provide symptom relief, patients need surgery for severe misalignment. The surgery aims at providing pain relief, correcting the spine, and preventing misalignment from becoming worse. The surgery adds curvature to the lumbar spine to achieve the above-mentioned outcomes in flatback syndrome [4].

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Osteotomy & pedicle subtraction osteotomy are some procedures, which treat the flatback syndrome. During these surgical procedures, surgeons remove bone behind the lumbar region and in turn, realign the bones to introduce the essential lordosis. By following one of these corrective procedures, surgeon re-establishes the stability and strength of the spine via a spinal fusion & fixation. When it comes to a fusion procedure, surgeons place grafting material between the spinal bones to and encourage them to grow together with the solid bone. As far as fixation procedure concerned, the surgeons insert hardware like rods and screws to hold the spine in the right position while fusing the bones [5].

Lordosis Treatment – Exercises & Yoga?

Choose lordosis exercises depends on the weakness and imbalance of your spinal muscle. It is essential to address the specific muscle, which directly relates to increased lordosis.

Here are simple yoga postures to correct lumbar lordosis:

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Hip Flexor Stretches: Because of the tightness of the hip flexor, the weak gluteal muscles affect the pelvic alignment. You have to stretch your hip flexor to maintain proper pelvic alignment and avoid lumbar lordosis [6].

Stretches of Lower Back Muscle: If you wish to get relief from lumbar lordosis, you need to stretch your back muscles. Lie down on your back and slowly, pull your knees into your chest. While performing the exercise, inhale with a deep breath [7].

Abdominal Crunch: While maintaining your posture, abdominal muscles play an essential role. Abdominal muscle strengthening workouts help you strengthen the spine and reduce the inward curve [8].

How to Correct Lordosis with help of week program?

The week program provides you the exercises and stretches that are best for lordosis. With the help of this 12-week program, you will learn

  • Simple daily techniques to enhance muscle balance’
  • The best exercise to reduce lordosis
  • The best stretches to help in relaxing the hip muscles
  • When to workouts and stretches
  • Simple anatomy, which helps you understand the core
  • The muscles involved in lordosis
  • The everyday action you can do for developing better posture

The stretches and exercises utilized throughout this week program are designed in such a way to particularly tackle lordosis using tested and tried methods. By the end of the program, you will gain more flexible hips, tighter abdominals and learn how to keep correct posture and lessen the daily stress put on your back [9].

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Though lordosis doesn’t cause considerable health problems, it is significant to maintain a healthy spine because the spine is much responsible for your movement and flexibility. Do certain exercises to keep good posture along with spine health.

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