Jacqueline Fernandez without Makeup Pictures

Most of the times when we see actresses all dolled up and ready for their public appearances, we always think how much they might have invested to get ready for any particular appearance. However, there are some of the actresses that do not need to work that hard in order to look presentable in front of others, and one of them is Jacqueline Fernandez.

The Sri Lankan beauty is naturally blessed with a gorgeous face and flawless skin. She puts up negligible make-up in her public appearances and leaves the paparazzi, as well as her fans and most of us amazed.

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These six pictures below are the living examples of natural beauty of Jacqueline Fernandez without make up:

#1- She has a smiling face at all times, making her more beautiful.

Jacqueline Fernandez without makeup photos

In most of the story updates and live videos on her social media handles, she is seen without any make or with very minimum of it. Even without makeup, she manages to charm her fans with her flawless beauty and an ever-smiling face. No wonder why she has such a huge fan following and is immensely popular for her magnetism and charisma. .

#2- She likes bold dressing and keeps experimenting with her hair

Jacqueline Fernandez without makeup photos

Jacqueline is especially known to flaunt her body with her bold dressing and sensual clothing style as well as fashion sense. People have spotted her outdoor with nothing but a jersey, grey trousers, and a basketball jersey, that too, without any make-up. She still managed to look beautiful and made fans fall for her once again. She believes in opting the look that is simple, rather than putting up coats of make-up. This can also be seen in the various experiments with her hairstyles, which are again very simple as well as gorgeous.

#3- She likes traditional Indian dressing as well

Jacqueline Fernandez without makeup photos

Being a Sri Lankan, she still chooses traditional Indian clothes over western fashion from time to time. During a recent appearance of Jacqueline at a child welfare event, she simply wore a white kurta with golden polka dots over it. The chikan work on the collar along with the brown highlights in her hair gave her a perfect blend of a traditional as well as a semi-modern look. There are various occasions where she has worn a kurta for a number of events and celebrations.

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#4 Jacqueline Fernandez no makeup vacations

Jacqueline Fernandez without makeup photos

Her Instagram handle is the perfect place to have a peek at Jacqueline Fernandez no makeup pictures, where she usually posts clicks of herself without any make-up. She does put her own comfort over everything else while dressing up, which is the reason why she is always seen in a simple, yet elegant look.

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#5 The no makeups look at home

jacqueline fernandez without makeup photos

This particular picture went through a frenzy and made the media, as well as her fans, go crazy. It was a click from her personal folder that leaked over the internet and instantly became a sensation. In the picture, she is seen working on something, with a no-makeup face and hair left loose.

jacqueline fernandez without makeup photos

According to Jacqueline, the main secret behind her natural beauty is that she avoids beauty products, exercises and stays fit, and follows a healthy diet as well.

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