How Does LASIK Eye Surgery Feel?

How Does LASIK Eye Surgery Feel?

Lasik eye surgery is very popular among vision correction surgeries because of its precise outcomes, fast healing and safer surgical approach but despite of all these benefits, people who are considering Lasik for a better vision or those who has been suggested has one very prominent question in their minds which is “How does Lasik eye surgery feel?”

Well it is a very obvious question because this surgery is performed on a very delicate and vital organ of your body i.e. eyes. So here we will discuss the events occurs during whole Lasik procedure including preparation period of your eyes for the surgery to the actual surgery and after the procedure.

During the preparation period

  • After a thorough eye check, if your doctor gives you thumb up for the Lasik surgery then you will be asked not to use your contact lenses from two weeks before the surgery. It is because of the fact that contact lenses can alter the shape of your cornea which will interfere in the creation of eye map
  • You have to go through various eye tests which will help in creation of an eye map to be used during the surgery.

Just before the Lasik surgery

  • Your doctor may advise you to meditate for a while to relax yourself before the procedure.
  • Numbing eye drops will be administered into your eyes which will feel just like any other eye drop but when you will blink then the numbing agent of eye drop will come into effect and you will feel no pain during the whole procedure.

During the surgery

  • You can see the events happening to your eyes just like you see the events during a cavity filling. The surgeon will clamp your eye lids with the help of a speculate like instrument to keep your eyes open. Since your eye lids are not numb, you will feel the lack of blinking just like when you use your two fingers to part your eyelids while wearing your contact lenses.
  • The surgeon will create a flap by cutting the outer surface of eye with either the help of microkeratome (including a small blade) or intraLase Laser (Bladeless procedure).
  • You may experience complete black out of your vision for a second or two during the surgery but it will come back soon as the procedure finished.
  • You can hear several clicking sound which comes from the laser and there is nothing to worry about it.
  • The whole procedure is computerized which assures the safe completion of the whole procedure under the guidance of an experienced lasik eye surgeon.
  • The surgery is very quick and without any pain throughout the procedure so there will not be any kind of discomfort to you.

After surgery experiences

  • After surgery, eye drops for healing will be administered and an eye guard will be placed over your eyes to prevent any accidental rubbing of eyes. You may feel blurry vision or haziness just after the surgery but it is very normal and there is no need to panic.
  • You may feel mild pain, discomfort or itching sensation in your eye after the surgery which will be taken care by administrating eye drops.
  • You will get your normal vision within 24 hours of the surgery but you must be very careful about not to rub your eyes as it can cause flap displacement.
  • You may experience dry eyes, night vision problems like glare or halos around the lights, itching etc. Within the first few days of surgery and you can treat these problems with the help of the doctor prescribed eye drops.

So we have seen that there are not many things to be worried about the Lasik procedure. The advancement in tools, technology and procedure has made it safer, faster, more precise and accurate surgical procedure but assistance of an experienced surgeon is a must requirement. It is very important because now a days many eye clinics are offering Lasik on cheap rates in order to make money and threaten the patient’s eye vision therefore you should not falls for such traps. Many health insurance covers Lasik procedure which can help you in affording a high quality patient care provided by an expert surgeon. So go ahead and get your Lasik done without any fear!!

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