Benefits of Shea Butter for Hair

Benefits of Shea Butter for Hair

Shea butter or the solid fatty oil is extracted from the nuts of the kerite trees. It is commonly found in Africa and has been utilized since decades but it has gained popularity in recent years worldwide due its use in beauty care products such as lotions, cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners etc. This is an edible product as well and often used in variety of cuisines. It has many therapeutic properties and used to heal burns, injuries, lighten surgical marks, dermatitis and stretch marks etc. Besides these medicinal properties it is a great nutritional product for the hair because of various reasons. Here we will discuss how this product can affect the health of your hair.

Cures Scalp Irritation

Scalp irritation is a common problem and can become embarrassing sometimes. Scalp itchiness develops when the skin of scalp is very dry or in case of dandruff or bacterial or fungal infection. Shea butter soothes the itchy scalp because it provides moisture to dry or damaged hair. It can melt easily that is why it is absorbed quickly into the scalp without clogging the skin pores and provides moisture from roots to the entire hair length. Therefore it is very beneficial for colored or heat treated hair.

The best way to use Shea butter is melting it down in a double boiler over boiling water. Let it cool for some time and then apply thoroughly on the whole scalp by massaging it in a circular motion. This action will improve the blood circulation around the scalp and hair follicles. You can add few drops of tea tree oil in the melted Shea butter to get extra soothing sensation.

Moisturizes hair

Shea butter has constituents with emolliating qualities which help in curly hair treatment. Curly hair is more prone to dryness due to its texture because the oil secreted from the scalp known as sebum doesn’t reach the entire length of hair because of the bends or coils in it. Shea butter is found to be great moisturizer which protects the hair from harsh weather and prevent greasiness and heaviness of hair.

You can use Shea butter as a conditioner after hair wash or you can add it to your usual conditioner to give you extra moisture. Many hair care companies use it as foundation for their shampoos and hair creams.

Ultraviolet protection

If you have colored your hair or gone through any other hair treatment then it is more important to save them from harmful ultraviolet rays. Shea butter is a 100 percent natural product which has reasonable amount of SPF to protect your hair from damage.

You can melt it down and add to your moisturizer spray to spray it on the entire hair length or you can directly apply the melted Shea butter before exposing your hair to the sunlight.

Softens hair

It also has softening properties and used to soften hard brittle hair. You can mix the melted Shea butter to your hair oil and apply on your hair. You can use it two or three times a week.

Try to use 100 percent natural unprocessed Shea butter because processed butter can take different forms. You can easily found it on any food store. Store it in a cool place as it can melt on warm temperature like coconut oil. Always use a double broiler to melt it and never expose it to direct heat. You should do a patch test before using it to see its reactivity to your skin.

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