Best 5 Razors for Women in India 2019

Best 5 Razors for Women in India 2019

Do you wish to get rid of all those stubble on your skin? Do you get an irritation whenever you use your old ‘not so effective’ razor? Are you in search of a razor which is easy to use and also gives you a perfect smooth skin? Then you are at the right place!

For most of us, ‘shaving’ our body hair using razor isn’t the best part of the beauty treatment, but we also cannot do without it! We all love smooth skin, don’t we? But it becomes frustrating and even painful when we end up having an irritated skin, cut, allergy or burn while using the razor. So, using a ‘good’ quality razor becomes all the way more essential!

However, finding the best razor from this vast beauty tool market is quite a time-consuming task. Moreover, to identify the perfect razor is another problem. So, we have researched about all such razors which give you a nice smooth skin without any skin problem and listed them below. All these razors are easily available both online and offline at very affordable price.

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List of 5 Razors for Women in India 2019:

  1. Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor

Rate: 9.1

Get this Razor if you wish to get an ultra-smooth skin after the shave! This fine device has been devised to give you nice moisturized skin with each use. With only few strokes, you will be able to get the desired perfect skin. It replenishes your natural skin moisture after two hours of the shave. It has waterproof covering, so you can use it without any worry even during your shower.

Moreover, you can easily find it in your local drug store. The users highly praise its ‘Less cut while use’ feature. You don’t have to worry about skin irritation or cuts while using this razor. And also the blade refills aren’t that expensive.

So as a whole this razor gives you all the things you want with minimal damage! Buy this product for ultimate satisfaction!

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  1. Gillete Venus Embrace Disposable Razor

Rate: 8.6

If you are in search of a travel-friendly razor, then this might be the one you were looking for! It has 5 adjustable curve razors for a smooth clean shave of your skin. It comes with protective ribbon of moisture. The SoftGrip handle is very easy to use and helps you in smooth shave. Since it is disposable, you don’t need to change blades. All you have to do is use and toss!! But yeah, it goes for a long time after one shave. So, get this razor if you want a long-lasting smooth skin!

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  1. Gillete Venus Simply Venus Disposable Razor

Rate: 8.5

Are you in search of a ‘good quality’ razor with a reasonable price tag? Then you should definitely go for Gillete Venus Simply Venus Disposable Razor. This razor is perfect for the ones on a tight-budget. Many users have hailed it as the best disposable razor in the market. Like all the other Gillete Venus Razors, this too gives you a long-lasting smooth skin after a single use. Moreover it is among the best-selling razors in the!

It comes with a comfort grip handle especially designed for easier use. It has a three-bladed pivot head which gives you a clean smooth shave with every use.

So, get this razor if you want to have a good quality razor at a lower price!

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  1. Gillete Venus Embrace Razor

Rate: 8.4

Get an extremely smooth skin without any irritation with this fine device. Several users have called it the best razors available in the market. It is convenient, quick, easy to use and painless, which is all we want while using a razor! We are pretty sure; you will also fall in love with this product like the thousands of its users!!

This razor comes with 5 blades which is individually adjusted while shaving and moisture strip to give you a protective shave. It also has a soft grip handle like all the other GilleteVenus razors for comfortable use.

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Moreover, you can expect the least number of cuts or irritation while using this. So, get this razor, if you wish to own a good quality razor which gives you a perfect shave every time!

Gillete Venus Embrace Razor

  1. Gillete Venus Swirl Razor

Rate: 8.3

If you are looking for a razor which is extremely flexible for easier use, then you would absolutely love Gillete’s Venus Swirl Razor. The users have said that its flexible technology is very useful while using on the knee areas.

It has been designed to give a proper shave without any nicks or irritation. It has the thinnest and finest blades among the Venus razor range. It comes with 5 blades which are adjustable.

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Moreover, it also has a water-activated moisture-glide to give you an incredible glide while use. The MicroFine comb helps in grabbing the smallest of the hair for best shave possible. So, get this razor for an amazing professional shave at a very affordable price!!

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