Best Ways To Prevent Monsoon Hair Fall

Best Ways To Prevent Monsoon Hair Fall

Seasons are an index of changes in life. Some seasons are hard to resist and some seasons are like a breeze. Then their monsoon season, the trickiest season of all. It will make you weep when it rains healingly while you are stuck in a bad traffic jam or make you feel pleasure while you sip coffee beside the window of your home when it’s raining. Our mind and heart are always overwhelmed by the monsoon season but our body pays the price of the repercussions of the mighty monsoon season. Monsoon season is the season of rains and heavenly air that winds away through us.

Monsoon season is not only a season for rains to come but also is the season for the problems to come. Many deadly diseases take birth in the monsoon season like malaria and dengue. An honorary mention should be there for the swine flu which was imported from the states to India.

10 Essential Tips To Control Hair Fall In Monsoon

Hair is precious and always the one to create a first and a lasting impression on others. Everybody likes them to style and show off with their best signature styles. The romantic weather brings with itself tons of complications and issues. Specifically our hair. Monsoon is the time when our hair decides to leave the scalp forever. Our hair certainly has to deal with certain kinds of problems that monsoon season gifts it with. On the top of the list is the serious hair fall problem..

Why hair fall occurs in the monsoon season?

In monsoon season, the rainwater in combination with the environmental pollutants leads to the inception of fungal infection in our scalp which on the other hand makes the roots of the hair weak and causes hair fall. As sad as this sounds, environmental pollutants are increasing day by day due to rise in global warming which is undoubtedly the major problem worldwide.

How to Prevent Monsoon Hair Fall

You can enjoy the monsoon season without causing damage to your hair by abiding few methods which are affordable and easy to perform:

Change your Diet

Diet in the monsoon season where the hunger exponentially rises for the junk food. But making a few changes are advised if you want to maintain that healthy hair stick to the scalp not to the floor. Eat vitamin and protein rich diet. Vitamins and proteins are food for the hair and will help your hair to regain its natural strength and prevent hair fall.

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Drink tons of Water

Mother Nature loves us and always provides us with natural resources to help us heal. Water is a natural healer and culminates hair growth. It’s understood that in monsoons our urge for water is less but drinking at least 7 to 10 glasses per day can avert your hair from falling. Drink fiber rich juices and also add lemon water to your diet. Lemon is the best medicine given by Mother Nature to us, utilize it and keep yourself healthy.

Less caffeine intake

Caffeine does make us more active but in excess is never good to not only our hair but also body. Replace your tea and coffee with green tea and herbal tea which removes the anti-oxidants from our body and doesn’t lead to hair fall. Coffee specifically as told by doctors spoils our lungs and also is one of the reasons for hair fall. It is hard to cut down your caffeine but something has to be done to save your hair.

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Hot Oil Massage

Oiling is no more a thing nowadays as people tend to hit the spa more often. Save your hard earned money and go for hot oil massages once or twice a week. Coconut oil, lavender oil, and olive oil are one of the best oils and gives immediate results when heated. Do this for more than once a week and you will never face hair fall in the monsoon season. Take any hot oil of your choice and mix it with some lemon juice. Heat the mixture and massage in the hair. Leave the mixture for one hour and rinse it off with warm water.

Wash your hair daily

Washing your hair daily will keep the air pollutants away from your hair scalp. Wash your hair generously and leave to dry as is after the wash. Use a hairbrush instead as it would not break your hair. Using hair brush can give you added advantages as it would give a natural bounce and volume to your hair.

Use Hair serums

The market is full of best hair products, choose a hair serum and apply it more than thrice a week. Hair serum when applied keeps your hair from getting tangled and leaves a smooth effect. The more smooth your hair will be the more it would be tangle free which would reduce the chances of hair fall to happen. Cosmetic companies have launched several serums which are extracted from almonds and olives.

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Keep your hair dandruff free

Monsoon is undeniably the season of good weather and breezy air but this season hates our hair. Dandruff is the first thing to happen to the hair. Monsoon brings moisture and humidity in the air which is perfect for dandruff to grow. Even if your hair doesn’t have dandruff, there are chances for it to grow in this season. But there is one solution to it that will keep your hair free from dandruff not only in this season but also in the seasons to come. Mix coconut oil and lemon juice. Heat the mixture and massage it for 20 minutes. Leave the mixture on for one hour and rinse it off with warm water. Apply a conditioner of your own choice to have a smooth effect. Dandruff will leave the scalp after applying this mixture. Use it for at least two times a week.

Easy Home Remedies to Prevent Hairfall and Dandruff

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is advantageous in numerous ways. Extract Aloe Vera gel straight from the aloe plant and store it in a jar. Apply aloe gel in the scalp and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse it off using a shampoo or using plain water. Aloe plant has the properties to heal dandruff and remove the unwanted bacteria from the scalp. The gel when applied also promotes good hair growth.

You can use the Aloe Vera gel not only for your hair but also for your skin. Since in monsoons air pollutants are on the loose, pamper your skin with aloe gel.

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Make sprouts your snack

Sprouts can be eaten as a snack when mixed with tomatoes and onions and also can be eaten directly. Sprouts are rich in fiber and vitamin E and both are deeply required by the hair for its decent growth. Sprouts are not only proven constructive for hair but also for our body as it increases the body stamina.

Banana Mask

Forgiving your hair a smooth and shiny look, you can prepare a banana mask and apply it as a conditioner. Mash 2 bananas and mix it with one tsp. of honey. Apply it to the length of the hair and after washing it with your shampoo and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse the mask off using warm water as honey and banana both are sugared and gets stick to the hair. Wash off your hair gently and soak your hair in a warm towel. The steam of the towel will remove the residual banana and honey from the hair. You can use this mask once or twice a month. For better results, use the mask at least three times a month.

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Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can also be one of the causes for hair fall. It is recommended to visit a doctor in case the hair fall issue persist longer than usual. Many times our hormones change due to some internal factors and some external factors. Visiting a doctor might be scary in the first place but will help you look into the problem more easily.


These few simple steps can not only save you from the hazardous effect of monsoon season on your hair but can also save you from other damages that happens to your hair. Monsoon season is meant to enjoy the rains and the forest beauty, Do not let the delightful season of rain turn a nightmare for your hair. Follow these simple steps and adore the monsoon season. These remedies are easy to follow and comes without a price tag. If you still face hair fall issues and after using these methods it remains unresolved then visiting a doctor is advised. Many times the reason for hair fall is not seasonal, it can be because of certain hormonal changes and also any disorders that is still unnoticed like diabetes, heart disorder, thyroid, frequent weight loss, and weight gain as well as many other corresponding diseases.

Stay aware and stay healthy!

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