LASIK Fear, Overcoming the LASIK Risks

LASIK Fear, Overcoming the LASIK Risks

Lasik surgery is one of the most successful surgeries in the world but many people stay away from it due to some fears. The people who have spent a major part of life with glasses or contact lenses have fears of losing whatever little vision they are left with. Here we will discuss the common fears related with this vision correction surgical procedure and find out if these fears have any base or not

Being awake during the surgery

Eyes are the most sensitive organs of our body and it is obviously quite scary to imagine a surgery performed over it. People fear that how they remain awake during the whole procedure. Lasik surgery involves numbing drops which are used to numb the eyes and some mild sedatives are used to relax the patient. The blinking of eyes is prevented by clamping the eyelids gently with the help of special instrument to keep your eyes opened throughout the surgery. In addition, your eye movements will be tracked more than 4000 times per second to ensure that the laser works with utmost precision. The procedure takes less than 20 minutes to complete and you will experience no or very little discomfort.

Lasik cost and other expenses

This is true that Lasik surgery is quite costly but not that much that you can’t afford it. The pricing of surgery depends on several factors like the tools and technology used during the surgery, how much surgery is required to correct your vision error, eye exams, post surgery follow ups, enhancements if needed etc. The cost of this lasik procedure seems very high at first but of you will compare it with the lifetime cost of your glasses and contact lenses the you will find it worthy of the price. There are many financing plans for Lasik provided by insurance companies which covers some part of the Lasik cost and thus make it within your reach.

Risk associated fears

No surgery in this world is free of risks, sometimes it is generated from the procedure and sometimes due to carelessness of the patient. But the advancement in Lasik procedure has reduced the post operation risks significantly. Besides that, assistance of experienced and skilled surgeon also assures the positive outcomes and decreases the complications. A thorough examination of eye is highest priority in Lasik as eye related issues like cornea thickness and ocular health can greatly affect the chances of having a complication. For example, if the patient has any underlying ocular disease and it has not taken care before the surgery then it can lead to severe complications after the surgery.

Getting afraid of something is normal human behavior but you can mentally prepare yourself for this surgery by clearing all your doubts with your surgeon. Many patients have said “Why I have waited so long?” or “Why was I nervous?” after getting a clear vision by going through Lasik surgery. It is best for you to talk to some patients who have gone through this surgery because they can relate with your fears and condition. So, keep aside your fears and go for Lasik for a better vision!!

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