Mental Pabulum» Or The Real Food For Brains

Mental Pabulum» Or The Real Food For Brains

How many times did you ask yourself: “How to be healthy and in fit without heavy training? How to manage all this work? What will help me to write my research paper? How to FOCUS?”. Your coach will create every day training program. Your psychologist will send you a cheque after a dozens recommendations to relax and take a break. Your teacher will send you to the library. WE have something better – a simple food for your brains and your health.

4 Foods To Help You Focus Better

A daily ration is the thing that significantly affects our ability to focus. Some foods provide nutrients to the brain, helping to concentrate, and others improve our tons in order to enhance body condition and ease the training. The list of effective products is quite big, but here are 4 best, in our opinion of course.


A deep research in University of California has shown a positive relation between the consumption of walnuts and enhancing cognitive function and adults’ ability to concentrate. According to this data only a small pile of walnuts a day will improve person’s life at any age. After all, walnuts, in compare with other nuts, have the most number of anti-oxidants which increase brain functionality. They also contain alpha linolenic acid, essential for brain health. Nuts are the source of the vitamin E antioxidant that slows down the cognitive decline during aging.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a great brain stimulator and a source of antioxidants. Pay attention that we are not talking about milk chocolate full of sugar. The more cocoa a tablet contains – the better. A study research conducted in Northern Arizona University has shown that participants who ate chocolate with at least 60% of cocoa beans were more vigilant and attentive. Dark chocolate also consists of stimulating natural substances that help focusing. Only 300 grams of walnuts or dark chocolate per day can bring significant benefits to your body and brain activity without large number of calories, fat or sugar.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Researchers from the Rush University found that green leafy vegetables such as spinach and leaf cabbage slow the decline of cognitive functions. Result of the experiment was next: cognitive abilities of the aged people who had greens in their food once or twice a day were on the same intelligent level as 11 years’ younger people. It was also found that vitamin K and folic acid contained in leafy vegetables are responsible for the health of the brain and maintenance of its functions.

Avocado And Wholegrains

It is known that every human body depends on blood flow. Wholegrain and fruit diet reduces risk of heart attack and lowers the cholesterol. This reduces the risk of platelets and improves blood flow, thus cerebral gyri become more active.
As an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats, avocado supports brain function and provides it with the normal blood flow. Avocados also contain a lot of Vitamin E required for brain health. In particular, it slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

We hope that these 4 foods will make your life better but remember to build your diet wisely and combine it with active pastime.