Cost of Laser Eye Surgery, Making LASIK Affordable

Cost of Laser Eye Surgery, Making LASIK Affordable

With the increasing popularity of LASIK surgery or LASER eye surgery, more people are getting the surgery to have their healthy sights restored. Not only it enhances your vision powers but it gives you complete new life.

However, before arranging all the appointments with the ophthalmologist or the LASIK eye doctors, the question that comes in everyone’s mind is ‘What is the actual cost of LASIK?’ Here, we will discuss about all those cost related issues of LASIK which people generally face.

What is the real cost of LASIK?

The cost of LASIK surgery in US ranges from $299 per eye to $4000 or more per eye. In 2013, the average cost of bladeless LASIK was about $2500 per eye. However, the cost of the surgery depends on a number of factors. But there are also several insurance and discounts which different LASIK centres provide for the benefit of their patients.

Why Cost of LASIK varies from centre to centre?

LASIK cost depends on four main factors which are: Experience of the lasik eye surgeon, technology the surgeon uses, the place where you are getting the surgery and the discounts and packages they offer.

Experience of the surgeon:

The expertise and experience of the surgeon is very essential before going through a LASIK surgery. Generally the surgeons who have more experience charge more than the ones who have started practicing recently. Moreover, the patients are more comfortable with the experienced ones. So, the surgeons who have been practicing since 1990s which is the time when LASIK and PRK gained commercial popularity generally take higher charge for their work. Since LASIK surgery needs a lot of precision, experience helps a lot in achieving a perfect LASIK outcome.

Use of Latest technology for LASIK:

There are different kinds of LASIK which uses different tools, procedures and technology. The prescribed kind of surgery depends on patient’s eye condition. The LASIK surgery cost varies on the basis of procedure used for example ‘all Laser’ procedure is costlier than the simple blade ones. The cost of the surgery also increases with the use of advance technology because it assures the positive outcome of the surgery with safety and precision. Therefore, the patient has to take decision about the surgery after consulting the surgeon about the cost and type of surgery.

Location of the LASIK centre:

Topmost LASIK centres are generally located in the city regions. So, its location also influences the cost of the LASIK. If you are getting a LASIK in a city like NY then you may have to pay double than your local LASIK centre. Since city LASIK centres are located in a commercial place therefore it further increases the cost. The city centres tend to provide more facilities than the other LASIK centres.

Packages and discounts:

Most of the LASIK centres provide different packages for the surgery. Some charge the whole cost of the surgery from pre-test to post-operative care and some only demands payment for the surgery. Therefore, you need to ask which type of package you want to get.

There are also discounts provided in many LASIK centres which lower the price. So you need to check whether a LASIK centre offers any kind of discount or not.

Does Health Insurance cover the LASIK eye surgery costs?

Normally, Health Insurances do not cover LASIK costs, unless your profession needs perfect vision. Athletes and combats need a perfect vision; therefore these people get full coverage for their LASIK. Otherwise, there is some special coverage for members. You will have to ask the centres about it for further details. Some centres also offer special membership discounts for AAA holders and military. So you may ask them for some information on that.

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Do Health spending accounts cover LASIK?

If you have FSA, HSA or HRA to cover health expenses with income tax free accounts then you can also opt for LASIK using that. LASIK is considered eligible for all these accounts. Some people also deduct the cost of other major medical related expenses. Therefore it’s recommended you enquire with your tax preparer to know whether you qualify for it.

What are the some other ways of affording LASIK?

If you find the above mentioned ways not eligible for you then don’t be upset because there are many different ways to afford LASIK. Some people finance for their procedures on a monthly cost which has been compared to a utility bill. Some also choose to use the rewards bearing card points, miles or other incentives. But you will have to ensure whether your provider accepts your credits for that!


If you are planning on getting a LASIK then you must know that it’s not the cost which matters but the results you are going to get after the operation. LASIK is a life-changing procedure because it will free you from glasses and contacts that you had been using almost all your life and you will also get the chance to try new things which you weren’t able to do before like swimming, diving and doing other activities without any kind of hassle. So, you need not worry about the cost of the LASIK and rather see the gains you will get from life-changing surgery!

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