Did You Know – Dry Champagne Drink is good for Weight Loss ?

Did You Know – Dry Champagne Drink is good for Weight Loss ?

Champagne comes under the world’s assorted sparkling wine. The wine shares its name with the Champagne region on Northern France. The term champagne has become generic for all the sparkling wines available in the market. The varieties of grapes which are used in the production of champagne are black Pinot noir, Pinot Meunier and white chardonnay. The process of champagne manufacturing involves a technique called as second fermentation in which carbon dioxide is trapped in the bottle. The trapped carbon dioxide dissolves into the wine which gives the bubbly texture to the drink. Dry champagne means that champagne or the wine is sugar free. Champagne had been a symbol of royalty since the latter half of twentieth century. People have started using champagne for the purpose of gifting.

Weight Loss

What better it could be than losing weight in a luxurious way. Research has proved the role of this sparkling luxury in weight loss. You are definitely going to enjoy making champagne a part of your diet regime. A champagne diet regime which is to be followed to lose weight includes drinking of about two glasses of champagne daily. A single glass of dry champagne gives 65 calories. It is one of the lightest drinks. The calories count is definitely quite low than its other counterparts which are the red or white wine or even the normal champagne. The sparkling bubbles rush into the blood stream quickly which leads to the less consumption of the alcoholic beverage. This is definitely a drink for the people who are seeking for the weight loss. It is a perfect company for the evening snacks and the dinner.

Benefits of Dry Champagne

There are myriad of benefits offered by champagne. Besides the role it plays in weight loss, there are many advantages by it. Champagne has a direct positive effect on the brain. On an average the three glasses of champagne in a week can help to avoid the brain disorders. It can help to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The reason of this has been discovered in the constituent and ingredient of wine. The black grape is known to produce phenolic acid which act as a memory enhancer and booster. Your heart is definitely going to thank you for the yummy beverage. Champagne definitely promotes a healthy heart with its positive effects on the blood vascular system. It is known to increase the HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) which is considered to be good cholesterol of the human body. Champagne is considered as an excellent hair conditioner. Adding dry champagne in the regime for weight loss will definitely make heads turn around.

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