Is Lasik Surgery Right for You?

Is Lasik Surgery Right for You?

Going through a LASIK surgery is a life changing experience for most of the people because it sharpens your vision and you can get rid of your glasses or contact lenses. If you are ‘completely blind’ without your glasses, you will understand the feel!

Although wearing glasses is more of a style statement these days, but those who wear glasses or contact lenses are well aware of the numerous disadvantages or troubles that come with them. (Believe me there are loads, because I have been wearing glasses from many years)

Some of the common problems which people with visual aids face are:

  • They have to wear Glasses all the time which sometimes bruises the nose.
  • The glasses always slip from its actual position and stay more on the nose!
  • The glasses goes hazy during the rain (Honestly, glasses also need a wiper like the cars)
  • Some work fields do not allow wearing glasses such as fire-fighting, sports and more.
  • Contact lenses are quite irritating and they dry the eyes.
  • You have to clean it properly to protect your eyes.
  • Rubbing eyes while wearing lenses causes a lot of trouble because the lens gets misplaced (then it’s a long story about how to place it back in its place)
  • Not everyone looks cool with glasses.
  • And more…

Considering all these problems, people prefer going for a LASIK which is a one-time investment and solution to the eye problems. Nowadays, the numbers of LASIK surgeries have doubled due to the introduction of new technologies. The new change in the LASIK technology has made it possible for the middle class society to also enjoy the fruits of this surgery at affordable rates. In addition to that, many eye centres also give Insurance and discounts on the surgery. Back in the days only the rich and mighty could only afford this surgery since it was quite costly and risky as well!

What exactly is LASIK surgery?

LASIK surgery is a surgical procedure which rectifies the common refractive errors such as Myopia, Hyperopia, Presbyopia and Astigmatism. The surgery reshapes the corneal lens which allows the light to focus exactly on the retina of the eyes making the image clearer to the eyes.

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Is LASIK for everyone?

The millions of advantages of LASIK may seem quite attractive to all;however, it’s very necessary to know that ‘not everyone’ qualifies for LASIK. It depends on one’s eye condition to be eligible for the surgery.

What should you do to know whether you are ready for LASIK?

Before you decide on having a LASIK, you must fix an appointment with an ophthalmologist to know whether your eyes are in healthy condition to withstand the surgery. Your ophthalmologist will run some tests and check your medical records to decide whether your eyes are ready for the surgery. Generally, people who have changing eye power (below 18 years), thin eye lens, Glaucoma patients, and dry eyes patients are not eligible patient for the surgery.

What happens after you qualify for the LASIK?

Most of the people who go through the pre-tests, qualify for the surgery. If you are one of those fortunate ones, then you should get ready to change your lifestyle and the way you look!

LASIK isn’t like a typical surgery which requires long recovery period nor is it scary! Most of the patients get scared with the whole idea of LASIK thinking that it’s an operation and done on the most sensitive and vital organ of the body i.e. the eyes. But the truth is, it’s not so. You will be surprised to know that LASIK surgery is completed only within 10-20 minutes (Time varies with the technology used).

After you qualify for the surgery, you will be called for some more tests to re-check and also draw the ‘eye map’ for the surgery. If you are using contact lenses then you will also be asked to stop using it weeks prior to the surgery since the lenses change the natural shape of the lens. After the ‘eye map’ is created, you will be called for the surgery. In most of the LASIK centres, the patients are given a drug for relaxing before the surgery. You may feel tensed during the surgery, but don’t worry because the whole procedure is completely painless. For few seconds you may see everything black but your sight will return soon after.

Although getting a clear 20/20 vision just after the surgery isn’t possible but you may expect getting better vision within twenty hours of the surgery. The vision will keep on getting clearer and clearer with time and within a week period you may get a complete clear vision.

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So, we have seen that not everybody is eligible for the surgery but if your ophthalmologist has approved you for the surgery after checking your eye condition thoroughly then you should go for it. In case, your doctor suggest you not to go for it then you should ask for other alternate vision correction surgeries. Generally, patients with thin cornea are not eligible for Lasik but there are other options like PRK or LASEK which gives you better vision just like Lasik surgery. So consult your doctor now and go for a complete eye check up!!

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