5 Steps To Preventing CrossFit Injuries – Stay Safe!

CrossFit has exploded in popularity over the last several years. More people than ever are drawn to the unique blend of strength, cardio, and flexibility training offered by most CrossFit gyms.

But CrossFit injuries are, unfortunately, quite common, given the high intensity of most CrossFit workout programs. How can you avoid these injuries, and make sure that you train safely? In this guide, we’ll discuss the top 5 steps you can take during your workout.

CrossFit Injuries

1. Make Sure You Attend A CrossFit Gym With Coaches (Especially If You’re New)

One mistake that some newer CrossFit members make is going to gyms that do not always provide coaches and staff members who supervise participants. This means that you may end up doing complicated exercises – such as Olympic weightlifting exercises – without proper instruction and guidance.

Unless you are already an experienced fitness enthusiast, you should be working with a coach who can supervise you, and ensure that you are performing each exercise with the proper form, weight, and technique. Otherwise, you’re at risk of injuring yourself.

2. Leave Your Pride At The Door – Don’t Overdo It During WODs!

Crossfit WODs – Workouts of the Day – are often the cause of injuries, particularly if you have a competitive spirit, and want to surpass and outperform other CrossFit gym members during your workout.

Don’t make this mistake. You’re going to be great at some WODs – but some others will be more of a struggle. You need to understand your own strengths and weaknesses, and scale your WOD accordingly, to make sure that you stay within your limits, and achieve your fitness goals – without a risk of injury.

3. Choose Your Gym Based On Your Particular Skills And Needs

If you’re an experienced power-lifter or Olympic weightlifter, you may want to join a competitive CrossFit gym, and you’ll likely have a great experience.

But if you’re new to CrossFit – or working out in general – you may want to join a gym that focuses more on the fundamentals of fitness and will help you build a proper foundation for cardio, strength training, and flexibility.

Getting your fundamentals down is key to avoiding injuries – because as you continue to improve, you’ll be certain that your form and technique are correct.

4. Strengthen Your Core And Rotator Cuffs

Two of the most common injuries in Crossfit are shoulder/rotator cuff injuries and lower back strains and injuries. To avoid these, you should incorporate strengthening exercises for both your core and your shoulders into your weekly routine.

You could perform additional ab and back work, and use elastic bands and other tools to stretch and strengthen your rotator cuff. Do this at least 2-3 times a week, either before or after your WOD, to make sure that your back and your shoulders remain in good condition.

5. Always Focus On Form – Above All Else

Even if you’re an experienced CrossFit enthusiast, you should always be focused on proper form during every exercise. Just because you’ve been working out for years does not mean that you can lose focus. Your form will deteriorate – increasing your risk of injury.

Be focused on your form at all times when working out, even during intense and fast WODs. Do not overexert yourself or perform reps to fatigue – the more tired you are, the bigger the risk is of injury.

You need to find the right balance between exerting yourself and focusing on your form. This is the best way to avoid injuries in CrossFit.

Stay Smart, Stay Informed, And Stay Injury-Free!

A sports injury from CrossFit can seriously impact your athletic performance, and stop you from reaching your fitness goals. So don’t let an injury sideline you! Follow these 5 tips to prevent CrossFit injuries, and work out with confidence!

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