How to Grow Taller [Pills and Supplements Review]

How to Grow Taller [Pills and Supplements Review]

Have you got tired of reading loads of articles on height gain and got nothing substantial because all those articles give you suggestions which are similar to most of the articles. Now, you have stopped raising your hopes for increasing your height and accepted your current height.

Then I can totally understand your condition and it is not sympathy my friend. It is the empathy because I am also an average height person.

grow taller

I never let my average height come in between me and my success but somewhere I also wanted to gain few more inches. I am a writer by profession and for me; my readers are my priced possession.
When I read their comments, I feel responsible towards them. Since my blog is about health and I know that the provided tips will directly affect the health of my readers, therefore, I always try to provide health tips which are safe to practice, simple and effective.
Though, my blog covers many health topics but “increasing height after puberty” is a very sensitive topic among all of them. Many readers have liked my articles on height increasing pills reviews, practices, exercises, surgeries, Ayurveda ways to increase height and yoga poses.
Those articles really motivated them but somehow they didn’t help them more than that. I receive approximately 100 comments monthly from all over the world and most of them are in regards to height growth after puberty.
Their main concern is how much any mentioned medicine or medical treatment is effective in increasing height after puberty. They complained about getting the same information on most of the blogs they have visited.
So I have decided to save your time by finding the most effective height growing pills.But why you should believe my words. It might be one of those reviews out there on the internet.
Well, my friend, this is different because I have done a thorough research not just ONLINE but also OFFLINE.
Why is this review different than others?Mostly the review for any product is based on its sale, customer’s reviews and its features. Information about the product is then collected through Internet and compared with other products in the same category and ranking is done with the help of different parameters.My approach regarding this review is different because I wanted to give it a personal touch. I want to convince myself about the product I am listing here before telling my readers about it.Therefore, I have done an extensive research on the popular height gaining pills.

What did I find through my offline approach?

Although we all do Google check for any product or services we still rely on local references and gut instinct. Isn’t it? And I did the same! I went to gyms, clinics, and chemists to know about the products which are ACTUALLY used by people.

So let’s see what I found when I headed outside my home to collect the information about height gainers from local sources.

Interviews with doctors

I have consulted some best orthopedics to know what they think about the chances of height gain after puberty in both genders. I have interviewed Dr. Gaurav Rathore, Senior Consultant- Orthopedics & Joint Replacement, Jaypee Hospital, Noida [1]to know his opinion.

Here are some excerpts from the Doctors specialized respectively in Orthopedics’ and Homeopathy interview:

Me: Which factor decides our height other than our genetic configuration?

Dr. Rathore: There are many factors but some of them are very important which includes Nutrition and diet, Exercise level or level of daily physical activity and not to mention, mental and physical well being.

Me: Can you specifically tell us about the body compositions which are required for growth?

Dr. Rathore: Growth requires interplay between nutrition and exercise levels. Muscular body with some level of fat at the time of puberty clubbed with a nutritious diet is the key to a good height.

Me: Is it true, height can be increased till 35? What is your take on that?

Dr. Rathore: Height ceases to grow after the growth plates of bones fuse, usually 16-18 and rarely till the early twenties. Earlier in girls and later in boys.

Me: After Puberty, under your supervision, do you recommend any height pills?

Dr. Rathode: There are no safe tested supplements to increase height. Some supplements or so-called growth pills can do more harm than good.

Me: Like many milk energy drink companies claim, sufficient amount of protein and calcium can increase children height, is same thing true for adults too?

Dr. Rathode: Adults cannot increase their height after growth plates fuse. Most of the claims by drink companies are arbitrary and not backed by evidence.

I have interviewed another Dr. O. P. Bagga (B.A.M.S) who has formulated a height gaining treatment named Herbo height therapy and claims to increase a person height up to 4 inches. I have found him through his advertisement in local dailies and thus decided to ask some questions about his height increasing formulation. [2]

Me: How is your treatment different than other height increasing pills available over online stores like Amazon and other foreign websites?

Dr. Bagga: The main difference is that I have formulated my treatment. I manufacture and distribute my treatment myself and not through any online portal.

Me: Do you customize the treatment for the user?

Dr. Bagga: Sometimes, the treatment varies from user to user but most of the times it works for a majority of the user.

Me: Does it work differently for males and females?

Dr. Bagga: No, it works same on both genders.

Me: What is the effective time period for this treatment?

Dr. Bagga: The minimum time period is three months in which a user gains 15 – 25 mm height and he/she can gain 5 – 10 cm in 1 year time.

Me: What is the success ratio of your treatment?

Dr. Bagga: 100 percent but It doesn’t work in 2 conditions. If the user is on medication for Thyroid or Tuberculosis then it won’t work for you.

Me: Would it work for all age groups?

Dr. Bagga: Yes, it gives a result for any age group but if someone starts early in life then he/she can gain more height.

Chemists recommend products

Height Plus

This product is an Ayurvedic formulation and thus completely safe to use. It is effective on age groups of 10 – 25 and 25 – 28. It increases your height by curing gland related diseases.

It improves the circulation and activates the glands in the body. It promotes calcium storage in bone and thus induces height gain.

Note – One capsule twice a day is recommended for age group of 10 – 12 years, for 13 – 21, 2 capsules twice per day is recommended and 2 capsules thrice a day is recommended for 22 – 25 years old.

Price: 560 INR


No star rating or review is found for this product

Discussion with professional fitness trainers

I visited various gyms and talked to professional trainers to know if exercising can increase height. According to Vikram Singh from GymPlus, small and toned waistline makes a person appear tall.

Moreover, if a person exercises like stretching and pull ups then it helps him/her in the correction of posture and height gain.

What did I find with my online approach?

Popular height gaining products over the internet are rated on the basis of users reviews but when you start searching for height gaining products, you come across many results which also include even those products which have nothing to do with height and finding an effective height increasing product become a herculean task.

I started my search with an online approach and searched for following keywords

1st Term – Grow taller pills

2nd; 3rd Term – Grow Taller; How to Grow Taller

4th Term – Height Pills

After rummaging through a large number of organic results provided by Google against different keywords, I have finally selected products which were actually meant for height gain. The list of this height increasing products includes:

Growing Taller Secrets

Feedback –

I know I have told you above that this review is for height gain pills but I have come across this book while researching for height gain methods over the internet. I found that it has gained my positive reviews from the users on Amazon and therefore I thought that it must be included in this article.

This book contains suggestions and instructions on how to gain height naturally during various age periods. This is written by Robert Grand and has 198 pages. The book mainly focuses on five factors which are puberty, genetics, the role of age in gaining height, nutrition, and activities in early years of life and requirements to gain height after puberty. He has also mentioned about the significance of growth hormone and ways to increase its level in the body. The book is said to include real scientific details and recommendations collected over two decades. It is available at an affordable price and comes with a year money back guarantee and full email support.

Note: For all age groups

Price: Check latest price and Buy from Amazon

Grow Taller Products Review

grow taller products

Yoko Height Increaser

Feedback – —————-

This is another product which is not a pill but it claims that it can make you taller. It is made with Japanese technology which is trusted with its effectiveness so I consider it in my post.

After reading its features, one feels that this product will make your dream of gaining inches a reality. It claims that it will make you taller by 3 inches if you wear it for 10 minutes daily for 90 days.

It is made with Japanese technology and makes you taller naturally. It is totally risk-free, proven and tested product. All you need is to place these insoles in your shoes and walk comfortably.

Note: You have to use them every day at least for 10 minutes for 90 days. It gives the best result for 10 – 25 years age group.

Price: Check latest price and Buy from Amazon


The product website shows positive reviews of satisfied users while online stores show negative reviews. Many users have complained that the insoles are painful to wear and didn’t show results even after 2 months of use.

Stepup Height Increaser

Feedback – —————-

Stepup Height increaser is an herbal formula which helps in improving height in a completely natural way. They claim to be the fastest way to gain height and is 100 % safe for use.

It can be used by both genders and can be easily found in local pharmacies as well as on the official website. It helps in increasing at least 3-6 inches height and in building up massive bone density.

Price: Rs 2150


This product has received both positive and negative reviews. Few customers experienced 2-3 inches height increase. However, most users felt this product is fake considering the ‘too many’ good effects it gives and the lack of ingredient details!

It claims to not only increase height but also help in improving overall health by preventing diseases, increasing memory power, improving digestion system and more (which doesn’t seem possible altogether).

This product is doing rounds on the Internet and is quite popular in India. However, their original website doesn’t show any reviews as of yet. The has discontinued the sale of this product making it more suspicious.

However, most of the customers using it are not satisfied. A reviewer said that even after using this for several months, it didn’t help him gain even a centimeter.

Many customers have called it fake since it doesn’t have any money back guarantee.

grow taller products

Grow Taller Pills 800 mg at Amazon

Feedback – —————-

This UK made product claims to have shown 96% success rate in gaining height in the age group of 14 – 40 years. It is 100% herbal product and helps in making your spine strong and flexible, enhances overall performance, improves metabolism and reduces risk of any injury.

Note: You need to take 2 capsules per day

Price: Check latest price and Buy from Amazon


Users have given a negative review regarding the product. Some of them have complained about poor packaging and less number of pills.

Vimulti Grow Taller Pills

Feedback –

Vimulti pills are natural height growth supplement clinically proven to increase bone mass. It increases your height by stimulating the production of vitamins like vitamin C, D, and K which are responsible for bone growth and its strengthening.

This supplement is made in the USA and comes in a plastic bottle which contains 90 tablets. Each tablet contains vitamin C, D, K and minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, L-Lysine, Boron, Bromelain, Ipriflavone, Copper, and Potassium.

Note: User needs to take 3 tablets with meal per day for effective results. It is not recommended for pregnant woman.

Price: Check latest price and Buy from Amazon


It has received 4-star rating on Amazon as the users find it beneficial for their bone health. Many users have given positive reviews about the product stating that it has improved their posture and reduces hunching.

It has also increased bone density and support which is liked by many users. They are happy with its positive effect on bones even if they didn’t gain an inch but several users have reported height gain after its regular use.

If you don’t gain 1-2 inches in 120 days then you can send it back to the company as per the return policy.

grow taller products

Peak Height – Height Maximizer

Feedback – —————-

The company claims that it is a number one height increasing pill in the market. This product offers 100 % guarantee to increase your height without any short or long term side effect.

It also comes with 100 % money back guarantee. It increases your height by working on your bones and providing them the essential nutrients for their growth.

It is formulated by US doctors after years of research and all of its ingredients (Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol Vitamin B12 Dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate Pyridoxine HCl Calcium as Carbonate Zinc L-Arginine L-Ornithine) have been found safe in studies. It comes in a 6 months supply package which consists of 6 bottles. Each bottle contains 90 capsules.

Note: User needs to take one tablet daily

Price: Check latest price and Buy from Amazon


It has earned 3 stars on Amazon as the positive reviews have outnumbered the critical reviews. Users have reported an increase in energy level and gain of the half to 1 inch after using the product.

Most of the users are below 18 years and therefore the positive results are more prominent. Some users have crossed the puberty age but still got results.

Therefore, this product can be recommended for height gain.

Growth-Flexv Pro Pills

Feedback –

Growth-Flexv Pro Pills are a combination of balanced nutrients, bone development techniques, and safe growth supplements. These pills have been designed to regenerate and improve the natural growth and correct mal-posture of a person.

It provides the right amount of extra vital nutrition that is necessary for height and health. It is a non-surgical and safe supplement which uses advanced medically proven methods.

It is a cost-effective, safe and painless formula.

Note: Not for anyone under 16 years!

Price: Check latest price and Buy from Amazon


Growth-Flexv Pro is a trusted company and has a number of satisfied customers. This supplement is to be used between the ages 16-45.

The product doesn’t have any side-effects. Although the growth process is slow and it takes at least 2 months to show some changes in height.

A proper use of this product will help you gain at least 3 inches in 10 months. However, many customers have come across fake Growth-Flexv Pro products available online.

So, if you are really planning on buying this growth supplement, make sure you are getting it from the right website.

grow taller products

Zahler – HeightFactor

This is an organic product with no chemical contents or artificial additives. It is manufactured in US and certified for quality by leading facilities like GMP, NSF and NNFA. This supplement works on the height development by stimulating the pituitary system to produce growth hormones and also provide essential nutrients for normal growth.

Note: Take 2 capsules twice daily with meals. Keep it out of the reach of children and store it in cool and dry place.

Price: Check latest price and Buy from Amazon


User’s reviews have not been found anywhere over the internet.

Vitamin Code® Grow Bone System

Feedback –

This product is designed to stimulate bone growth and also increases bone density and strength. It consists of 756 mg of raw whole food plant calcium and 680 mg elemental strontium to increase bone density.

This bone grows system includes two different supplements. First is Vitamin Code® RAW Calcium has 120 capsules which consist of plant form of calcium, vitamin D3 for its absorption, raw magnesium and boron to promote its utilization in the body and live probiotics and enzymes for healthy digestion.

The second supplement in this system is Vitamin Code Growth Factor S has 90 capsules which contain elemental strontium for increasing bone density. It also contains live probiotics and enzymes.

Price – Check latest price and Buy from Amazon


Most users have given 4 – 5 stars on various online stores but they have reported about its effect on their bone density. There is no case of height gain is reported with respect to this product.

Few Recommended Grow Taller Exercises

Exercise strengthens your muscles and helps in blood circulation. It also activates the hormones which promote height gain. Here are some common ways to perform exercise and gain height without any problems

  • Bar hanging

bar hanging exercise

Hanging vertically can stretch your spines and increases your height from 1-2 inches. You can also hang on a horizontal bar, but it must have a proper space to stretch your whole body. This method works slowly but if you perform it continuously 920 seconds every day) then you can get the results in 1 or 2 months. [3]

  • Dryland swim

dry land swim exercise

Lay down flat on a mat keeping your legs and arms straight. Move your left arm in the upper direction and raise the right leg. Be in this position for 4-5 seconds and repeat the position.

  • Pelvic shift

Pelvic shift exercise
Lay down on a mat keeping your hands straight, bent your knees and move your hips in the upper direction. Maintain the position for 20 seconds to gain height [4].

  • Cobra stretch

cobra stretch exercise
This position makes your spine flexible by stretching it. Bend your hips and form an inverted V position and get back after 4 seconds repeat the exercise [5].

  • Hopping exercise

hopping exercise
It is the easiest exercise which can be performed at any place. Jump with your right leg and touch your left-hand elbow with it. Let your right hand pointing in the upper direction. Change the legs and hand after 4 seconds [6].

  • Forward spine stretch

forward spine stretch
Sit on a mat laying your legs straight. Try to touch your hand with your toes without bending knees. You might find it difficult but once you do practice you will find it easy. This exercise makes your spines flexible and increases your height.


After gathering information from various sources, I found that gaining height after puberty is very difficult but not impossible. But one should not raise his/her hope too much because you can gain only a few inches (3 – 4) to your height.You have to be patient because every treatment takes time to show results. The best way to look tall is to maintain an upright posture, keep yourself fit and active.
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