How to Build Biceps Fast- Tips from Rohit Khatri

How to Build Biceps Fast- Tips from Rohit Khatri

A good muscular biceps are something that all fitness freak would love to have. Here I have listed five tips to build biceps fast. These tips are given by fitness trainer Rohit Khatri. The set of exercises will help to get maximum results from your biceps workout in lesser time. You might be following a routine before too but these tips will help to build mass on biceps in less time and will make you fitter.

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Here we go biceps building tips from fitness expert Rohit Khatri:

  • Preacher curl

You have to use zigzag rod. One important thing before you start this workout is that you should use medium weight and not very heavy. So main thing here is that when the weight is lifted upwards it should not be completely lifted till shoulders and when weight is brought down it should not be brought down till the feet.

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The secret is to bring the weight slightly lesser height than the shoulders and while bringing down it should not go lower than the knees. By doing this the bicep muscles will come under tension for a long time which is better to build the biceps.

Build Biceps Fast

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  • Concentrated Dumbbell Curl

The usual way of doing concentrated dumbbell curl is to get it up and down keeping your arms straight. For better biceps you need to make a small change, so when the dumbbell is lifted up rather than keeping it straight slightly twist the dumbbell. This will increase the duration for which the biceps experience muscle tension.

Build Biceps Fast

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  • Incline Dumbbell Curl

The inclined dumbbell curl ensures maximum tension on bicep muscles. The reason being when you lie down on an inclined chair, the back and feet come to rest so entire strain is put on arms hence biceps get worked out properly. So it is better than normal dumbbell curl

Incline dumbbell curls - Build Biceps Fast

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  • Bicep pull-ups

The bicep pull-ups are usually ignored by the people who undergo workout and consider it as less useful but the pull-ups can be very helpful in building good biceps. The key is to do pull-ups after training the biceps which will enhance the tension time for biceps. The bicep pull-ups will not be very beneficial if done after a workout other than the bicep training. It is a good way to end up the bicep workout.

Bicep Pull up - Build Biceps Fast


  • Hammer

The hammer can be done sitting on a bench and using both the arms. The key factor here is to do double hammer rather than single which will ensure maximum workout of the biceps.

Seated Hammer Curls - Build Biceps Fast

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These workouts will surely help to maximize the results. The exercises help you to build mass on biceps in lesser time. So start today and flaunt your muscular, strong biceps.

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