Solutions to your Top 4 Hair Care Woes

Solutions to your Top 4 Hair Care Woes

If you are concerned for your personality then you must like to take care of hair too. Maintaining perfect hair is much difficult than protecting it, therefore, here we are discussing top four common hair care woes which has bothered you at some point of your life.

1. Frizzy hair, split ends and curly hair after a year of rebonding

If you have gone through some hair treatment like rebonding, coloring or perming then you must be more careful because you hair can be damaged even with little carelessness. Constant exposure to sunlight, weather changes (like extreme heat, humidity etc.), washing hair with hard water, lack of nutrition, irregular eating etc. can cause hair problems like frizzy hair, split ends or curly hair.

Generally you are suggested to go to a hair spa regularly when your hair has been gone through the treatment. But if you have not been given any such suggestion then still you must go to hair spa. Some of the benefits of going hair spa are:

  • Your hair will get nourishment
  • Hair texture will be improved
  • Prevents hair fall
  • Add volume to your hair
  • Cures itchy scalp and prevents further reoccurrences.

2. Anti dandruff shampoo decreases hair volume

Dandruff and its reoccurrences are very common results of modern lifestyle and anti dandruff shampoos can easily tackle this problem but they also cause thinning of hair which cuts down your hair volume. Here are some simple, quick and 100 percent natural home remedies for this problem.

  • Wash your hair with green gram powder to prevent dandruff.
  • Moisturizing your hair is the best method to cure dandruff and some oils such as olive oil, almond oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil etc. are very effective options to fight off dandruff. Just massage with any of the above mentioned oil and rinse it off to get rid of the dandruff.
  • A paste of henna and beet root is also an effective remedy for dandruff. You just need to apply it on your scalp and let it stay for a while before washing it off. Use this treatment at least once a week to get positive results.
  • Your scalp also needs sufficient amount of vitamin D just like any other part of body. Therefore, let your scalp get vitamin D by exposing it to sunlight for some time. Morning is the best time to expose your scalp to sun as the sunlight at this time will not be harsh or harmful.

3. Graying of hair at teenage

Gone are the days when graying was the sign of aging. Now a day, graying of hair can happen at any stage of life due to the hectic and stressful schedules of people. Teenagers are the common victims of graying as they are more prone to following factors which can cause graying

  • Illness
  • Hormonal changes
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Anxiety and stres
  • Poor health

If your teenage kid is showing any sign of above mentioned causes then you should consult a doctor who can clarify if the cause is due to lifestyle, heredity or hormonal changes during puberty.

4. Hair style for pear or round shaped face

There are many face cuts but people with round shape face have difficulties when deciding about the hair style. If you have a round face then you can go for short layered look with steep layered edges. The hair length should come till the chin level and it should terminate with a wispy texture. Adding some curls in the upper section will give volume to your hair. A little use of choppy texturing will make this hair style very trendy.

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