Home Remedies for Premature Graying of Hair

Home Remedies for Premature Graying of Hair

Grey hair is the worst nightmare which any person on earth can ever get. The good news is that the old age people are not the only ones who are suffering from this nightmare. With the change in the environment and the economy, the number of factors affecting the health of people is numerous. So is the cause of grey hair occurring in the head also is not the age factor. Stress, depression, lack of sleep, insomniac, fight to come in the luxury zone and most important of all the buildup pressure of the uncanny society are the main reasons of the grey hair popping in that head of yours.

Home Remedies for Premature Graying of Hair

But if there are problems, then solutions are numerous as well. Having that grey hair flash off from your head can be done in number of ways. Below is the list of number of home remedies for hair treatment by which you can get rid of the skid marks that are hampering your personality and keeping you away from your desires:

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  1. Onion Juice with Lemon Juice

    Onion Juice is not a famous remedy tool that you hear every now and then but for your information, onion juice is rich in enzyme catalase which has a history of being used for centuries in the form of topical treatment. So mixing onion juice and the mighty lemon juice in your scalp every day is proved to be the potent natural remedy for the sonic grey hair.

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  1. Henna

    The famed henna is a friend of every one and the most commonly used natural remedy to eradicate grey hair from the head. Applying henna mixed with the right amount of coffee for more than twice a week can not only cover grey hair with its natural burgundy color but also give shine to your hair. Use henna wisely and in the right amount.

  1. Sage and Rosemary

    Rosemary and sage is the most powerful remedy known in the present generation. The best part of the monumental combination is that they are eatable as well as applicable. Half cup of both rosemary and sage and boiling the mixture for good 30 minutes and then cooling it off for long 3 hours is a perfect blend of nature’s essential gifts. Apply the prepared mixture as an active shampoo for more than twice a week can help you get rid of the annoying grey hair. Replace your shampoo with the mixture and apply it for months and you will see the difference in no time.

  1. Olive Oil

    Oils are the best natural treatments for any hair related problems. Take olive oil in a pan and heat it. Apply the olive oil in the scalp and massage it for good 40 minutes. Keep the oil overnight and shampoo it off the next morning. As studied, olive oil is the best oil among the hierarchy of oils. Have olive oil massage for more than twice a week and you will experience that the growth of grey hair has is reducing. Olive oil generated the growth of the hair in the form of its native state.

  1. Green Tea

    If you are a fan of caffeine then this might not be a good news for you. But as it is studied and proved replacing regular tea with green tea can remove the antioxidants from the body and help in reducing the growth of grey hair in your head.

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These remedies are highly useful and has been doing wonders to people round the globe. The products are easily available and the remedies are easy to follow. Stay fit and healthy.

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