The Health Benefits of Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose)

The Health Benefits of Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose)

Baddha Konasana which is also known as butterfly pose or bound angle pose is an exercise which increases the flexibility of the pelvic bones and hips. This pose is very beneficial for women as it tone up the lower body and reposition the uterus to its original position after delivery. It has various benefits which we will discuss further but first you should have little information about this pose.

How to do bound angle pose?

  • Sit down with your legs stretched in front of you feet together and hands at sides.
  • Fold your legs towards the pelvis so that your feet touch each other at the heels and place the outer edges firmly at the floor.
  • Hold the big toes with your first two fingers and thumb.
  • Sit in such a way that your pubis and tailbone are at the equal distance from the floor. Maintain a straight upper posterior by stretching your shoulders and lean slightly in forward direction.
  • Slowly lower down your thighs and your knees will follow the movements.
  • Hold this position for one to five minutes and then extend your legs back into original position while breathing in.


Helps in child birth

Regular practice of this pose during pregnancy strengthens the lower back muscles especially the cervical muscles so it can withstand the stress of childbirth.

Affects reproductive organ system

This pose has direct affect on the reproductive system as it stimulates the ovaries, uterus in females and prostate gland, testes in males. It helps in opening the groin area and increase flexibility of the inner thighs, groin and knees which relieves the sexual inhibitions and guilt.

Therapeutic in infertility

This pose not just affects the gonads and other reproduction associated organs but it also affects these organs at the cellular level by stimulating their hormonal secretions. It soothes the menstrual discomfort and irregularities which helps in curing infertility at some extent.

Improves blood circulation

It stimulates the heart and improves the blood circulation mainly in the lower body parts such as abdominal and pelvic regions. This is also a reason of improved reproductive health.

Relieves stress

The legs bear the weight of the body most of the times and this exercise provides a nice stretch to major muscle groups of the lower body which relieves stress and fatigue from the legs. It also helps in relieving the leg pain caused due to sciatica.

Improves digestion

This exercise stretches the abdominal organs and result into improved functionality. This helps in proper digestion and curing of digestion related problems such as gas, bloating, indigestion etc. It also helps in improving health of the kidneys. It also tones up your abdominal muscles and thus gives a flat belly with regular practice.

Other therapeutic uses

This pose helps in normalizing blood pressure, flat feet, asthma, menopause, urinary disorder, mild depression and anxiety. This helps in preventing hernia.


  • Avoid this pose in case of groin or knee injury
  • Be more careful if you are a patient of high blood pressure or cardiac problems.
  • It should not be performed during menstruation. [Recommended post – yoga pose during menstruation]


You can modify this pose and make it more difficult by leaning your torso in forward direction until it reaches between your knees. Bend your elbows and push them against calves and not on the knees. You can take support of a block or front edge of a chair if you are not able to position your head comfortably on the floor.

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