Top 5 Things that Turn Men Off in Bed

When it comes to having sex, men usually wants to be in charge of the situation. That might make them sound a bit controlling, but can’t help it! That’s what men are all about. The whole idea to have sex is to enjoy the action while being in each other’s company and thus having a nice time; it is all about making sure that you took care of your partner on the bed and avoid any such act that could annoy him. It needs to be remembered that during sex, slightest of turn offs can spoil the entire session. So, as it is important for your man to make sure that your needs are being taken care of, similarly, it is your responsibility to ensure that you refrain from doing any such thing that can be a turn off for you guy.

If you are wondering what are the things during sex that might lead to turning offs, then here are 5 of the most common and vital ones. Keep reading through this page to get enlightened about the same:

Don’t try and dictate terms

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This is a very important thing which you need to keep in mind while having sex with your partner. As mentioned, men like to take control of the situation while having sex. This comes naturally to them and they love to do that. Make sure you don’t try and reverse the role. If your guy have any such fantasy or you find him willing for a role reversal then you can certainly go for it. Otherwise, you would love being dominated on the bed by your guy during the sex time and if you try too hard to take control of the situation, then that can come as a real turn off for your man.

Too much attitude can spoil it

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Had a scuffle with your man lately? Well, those are normal things in any relationship. Don’t let them hamper your sex time by giving them too much importance. Instead, try and use this time to make things normal between both of you. This is one thing which women are usually guilty of. They at times show too much of attitude which can be a real turn-off for their partners. It even makes things worse, if you are pretending without any valid reason and stretch it for long. If your partner can compromise his ego and attitude to participate in act of making love with you, then definitely you should also.

Don’t be selfish

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What exactly is meant by being selfish during sex? It is nothing but your unwillingness to cooperate with your partner while indulging in this act. If you are always looking to have sex on your own terms or focus on your enjoyment and satisfaction only, then that could make your man feel like just a partner and not a mate. While on the bed, you must make him realize that he is someone special to you whom you really care about and want to give what he desires from you. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that you take care of his needs and demands during the love-making session just the way he takes care of yours to make him happy and satisfied. Like in any other spheres of life, being selfish can really turn off your partner, big time!

Forcing it on him

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This is something which you must refrain yourself from doing to enjoy a pleasurable sex time with him. There can be certain acts which you like, but your partner is not in a mood for it. Under such situations, never try and force it on him as that can eventually become a turn-off for him. If you are persistent, then eventually he might respond to your call, but that won’t be something which he would enjoy doing. As a partner, you must know about his likes and dislikes and also you need to make sure that you don’t force anything on him. If you want him to cooperate, then talk to him separately and try convincing him for indulging in those acts. But, never try and make him do something which he doesn’t enjoy doing. If you continue doing it, then you might make him annoyed and can even push him to a point where he would no longer enjoy having sex with you.

Being non-responsive

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If you are not in a mood to have sex, then let your partner know about it right when he insists. But don’t get on the bed, make him all prepared for the upcoming session and then pull yourself away from it. That is not only annoying but insulting too. It is very important to respond to the call of your partner, that what makes him feel that you have the real urge for him and you are enjoying the act. If you are not responding the way you should, then it means that you are not enjoying it. This would make your man feel as if he is forcing it on you, which most of the men do not like. This can be a real turn off for him which you certainly won’t want. Isn’t it?

Apart from these top 5 things, there are various other factors like not showing interest in foreplay, being in extreme hurry to end it up or taking too much time to get ready for the session which you need to refrain yourself from doing. Having sex is about having fun and enjoyment and this is applicable for both the partners. If your partner gets turned off, then it can be very difficult for him to gather himself and get into the mood once again. This is in the nature of men and being a partner you need to take care of it. So, be careful with what you say, do or how you react while having sex. Keep it simple and normal to get the best out of the special moments spent with your partner.