10 Tips for Building Muscles Faster

10 Tips for Building Muscles Faster

Every man desires to have a fit body, the one with all those muscle bumps at all the right places. Just like women look more aesthetic with right curves, men look more desirable when they have good body muscles. However, there are some men who keep making efforts and despite the efforts stay skinny. If you are one of them, don’t ever believe you’d not be able to have the proper body muscles. The reason might be that you’re unaware of certain things.

Building Muscles Faster

Here’s a list of tips to build body muscles for you:

  • Eat more proteins

Most people think that a routine work-out is all they need to gain muscles toned body. However, one of the most important steps to building body muscles is protein intake in needed quantities. Your body needs 1 gram of protein for 1 pound of body weight. So if you are 150 pounds, you need 150 grams of proteins in a day.

  • Eat more

While you need proteins, you can’t overlook the importance of other nutrients. This is why you should keep having something at regular intervals. Also, the three main meals of the day should be a balanced diet. To know more about the kind of diet you’d need, visit

  • Have a heavy and wholesome drink

Right before you go for workout, consider having a heavy shake that is loaded with carbs and amino acids. Studies suggest that having protein packed shakes before workout increases protein synthesis in your body.

  • Aim at the bigger muscles first

There are two kinds of workout routines you need to consider. If you are new to building muscles, you should start with any kind of exercise for muscle building. However, if you have been in the game before, you can start by working out for your bigger muscles that you had already built.

  • Take alternate break days

You should not be exercising every single day. If you do so, your body would not be able to rest. It has been seen that the muscles actually grow when you are resting after the workout. So, if you skip rest, it is almost like your workout is a complete waste.

  • Eat in regular intervals

Having one whole meal at a time and then going hungry for hours is not something you should not be doing. If you are working out, keep your body energized from time to time; say by eating every 3 hours.

  • Have milk before you go to bed

Milk is a good source of protein. When you have protein before going to bed, it stays in the body for a longer time without being used up.

  • Have ice-cream

Ice cream is rich in sugar. As you have ice-cream after workout, it increases amount of insulin produced and in turn reduces the protein breakdown. This will help you sustain the protein.

  • Have lots of carbs after workout

Just like ice-cream, carbs also help producing more insulin and curb protein breakdown. And this way, you are helping yourself build body muscles faster.

  • Be consistent

One thing that you should practice is consistency. You would never be able to achieve desired results if you quit after sometime.

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